Armed Response

Armed Response

The story follows a team of highly trained operatives who find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound.

Trained operatives find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its artificial intelligence is suddenly shut down. The crew begins to experience strange and horrific phenomena as they attempt to uncover what killed the previous team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Armed Response torrent reviews

Phil S (kr) wrote: Absolute perfection... The best movie about the space program since The Right Stuff.

Trevor F (it) wrote: an over the top snooze fest

Al M (mx) wrote: To be clear, I am not reviewing the remake depicted in the picture above but the original Chilean film, which is a masterpiece of brutality. An eviscerating indictment of masculine culture and patriarchy, Hidden in the Woods Two sisters and the mentally disabled brother/son of one of them escape their abusive father and find refuge at a cabin in the woods. But their father's drug-dealing and run-ins with the police lead to more men seeking them out. A film in which no male is to be trusted because they are all liars and rapists, Hidden in the Woods equates civilization with machismo and rape--it is built not just upon the raped bodies of women but upon all the different peoples who have been displaced and abused in order to form it. A primal meditation on the forces that constrain women (and any other disenfranchised group, like the mentally disable), Hidden in the Woods will make you feel dirty before the credits roll, but it will also make you consider your complicity in this sad state of affairs.

laura b (ru) wrote: typical stupid film. Doesn't make much sense, and no real plot or story to it.

Christopher L (kr) wrote: It's a stupid, stupid movie, but enjoyable nonetheless. Oh, and cheers to Linda Blair.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Very impressive John Cassavetes film with an incredible performance from Gena Rowlands. She shows so much range with this one role, this is amazing acting. The film??s a bit long, but it??s always interesting and because the whole cast is so excellent, the slow moments are forgiven. Looking back on the film, I??m just thinking of the range Rowlands showed, the scene where she gets slapped, when she sees the ghost at the psychic??s place, when she goes to the playwright??s room at night, and of course the entire opening night sequence at the end of the film. A really great film.

Robert L (kr) wrote: Got to be one of the worst films every made.

Gavin D (ag) wrote: This is my first film experience with any of the actors (with the exception of Terrence Stamp, only as a much older man) or directors.That said, Spirits of the Dead is a phenomenal movie. All three of the segments are well made and creepy. Jane Fonda is stunning, as is Brigitte Bardot and Terrance Stamp and Alain Delon are fantastic.

Mr P (ca) wrote: Actually a fun movie. Not a bad modern update of the camp classic.

merissa a (de) wrote: dont really remember... it was a long time ago, but i remember it was good!!

Mindy B (kr) wrote: Awesome movie! I loved Glenn Miller and his band in it! awesome music! good clean acting in it!

Jason Z (fr) wrote: One of the most intense action movies of all time. Even it's own sequels can not come close to adding up to the greatness of this one.

Loren R (jp) wrote: Eine ganz normale junge Frau und ein ganz normaler junger Mann, bekommen pltzlich einen Telefonanruf, der ihr Leben regelrecht verndert. Die Stimme an der anderen Leitung, weiss immer wo sie sich befinden und hlt immer eine Lsung parat, wenn sie nur ein kleines bisschen, von den Befehlen, abgleiten. So viel zum Thema Big Brother watching You!Sicherlich wurden solche Geschichten schon in anderen Themen und Filmen angeschnitten. Ich finde aber, dieses Konzept, jetzt bei uns in der Neuzeit, wo alle verbunden mit Satelliten und mit dem Internet sind, finde ich es bengstigend und vllig realistisch.Die Besetzung ist gut ausgewhlt. Shia LaBeouf und Michelle Monaghan spielen die verfolgten Flchtlinge, die ja eigentlich gar nichts verbrochen haben und nur ein normales Leben fhren. Billy Bob Thornton und Rosario Dawson spielen die Gesetzeshter, die nach und nach zugeben mssen, dass die ganze Sache gewaltig stinkt.Sicherlich gibt es auch ein paar Logiklcher ber die man wegsehen muss. Aber im Ganzen gesehen, ist es rasanter Thriller, der die Helden oder Opfer des Systems, kaum Luft zum Atmen gibt und keine Pausen einlegen drfen. Der Schluss kommt fr die ganze Sache gesehen, viel zu schnell. Es ist alles ein bisschen zu einfach dargestellt. Fazit: Reisserischer Big Brother Thriller mit bodenstndiger Besetzung. Trotz der Logik und schwache Momente dieser Geschichte, realittsnah umgesetzt!

Andrew K (ag) wrote: No Pinhead really. Horror movies are about the killers. This is played off like a supernatural detective story.


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Kevin M (br) wrote: Hilarious, but a bit rude in places.

Jeff H (fr) wrote: Ping Pong Summer is a new movie made to look like a movie from the 80s, like American Wet Hot Summer. Being my age I have a nostalgia for 80s movies. While not a good movie by any means but if you have a found ness for 80s chest this movie fits.