Arne Anka - En afton på Zekes

Arne Anka - En afton på Zekes


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Arne Anka - En afton på Zekes 1996 full movies, Arne Anka - En afton på Zekes torrents movie

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Arne Anka - En afton på Zekes torrent reviews

Lindsay S (es) wrote: horrible reminder of how unprepared we are and how crappy government can be. get ready for a tearjerker...

Dan A (au) wrote: A big disappointment. Paper thin boring story line.

Daniel L (us) wrote: The enemy within is a stunning, fast paced and brutal thrill ride with excellent action scenes.

Chris S (es) wrote: A delightfully quirky film that revels in its own incomprehensibly British sense of humor, Wild Target serves up some uniquely orchestrated action scenes tinged with enticing musical scores and out-there comedy. Bill Nighy stars as a middle-aged but renowned hitman who inadvertently becomes infatuated with a target (Emily blunt) and winds up defending her from other hitmen. Along the way, the two run into a 20 something loser (Harry Potter's Rupert Grint) and the three form a dysfunctional family of sorts. They have great chemistry together, but the only thing stopping Wild Target from being the stupendous film it should be is the sloppy, inconsistent script. The writers get caught up in their own quirkiness in spots, eventually overdeveloping the 2dimensional character they've provided nighy with to his breaking point: an awkwardly unfunny scene in which he thinks he might be gay for Grints character. The film mostly recovers with a cool apprenticeship montage between nighy and Grint, and the three leads help keep the implausible plot down at the ground level.

David W (it) wrote: The 2 lead performers (Hopkins & Mirren) were perfect, but the film was just average I'm afraid.

Thomas B (mx) wrote: Grade - BWith great performances and a well-written script that serves the character well, 'Alan Partridge' is a funny, enjoyable comedy that, despite not breaking any new ground, is entertaining throughout.

Mike V (gb) wrote: The acting was okay but the story was good. Just so you know, this movie have subtitles.

Jennifer M (es) wrote: Why did I waste my time?

Terry W (br) wrote: great fun for the whole family

David L (br) wrote: Just can't get enough of the Young and Dangerous sequels.

Lewis W (br) wrote: Werewolfs, Hitler, Zombies scared of their reflections, a lead singer who is more or less a paedo and a midget who eats himself....yup

Private U (jp) wrote: Has a very sad ending!!

Curtis b (gb) wrote: Another great installment of the Blade franchise.

Jordan P (br) wrote: It boasts a few modern twists and impressive special effects, but this third-take Carrie mainly offers a scene-by-scene carbon copy of the original that fails to wring many fresh ideas out of its dated source material, paying short shrift to character development and turning in bland performances in service of redundancy and anachronisms.

Joe A (gb) wrote: It's all about the action, there's ton of it, and mostly forced.

Josh T (br) wrote: Probably the best use of Christmas and horror since The Nightmare Before Christmas.