Arne Dahl: Misterioso

Arne Dahl: Misterioso

Three Swedish financiers are murdered over three consecutive nights. Evidence suggests that the killings will continue and the world of finance is panicked. The police quickly set up a ...

Arne Dahl - Misterioso A failed robbery attempt at Sydbanken outside Avesta leaves one robber lying dead with a dart through his eye... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roy O (it) wrote: Bad acting is alive in this revenge drama based on a Steven King short story...

ankush j (kr) wrote: sorry nahi ho pyega..! we have seen "khuda ke liye" which was classy. then even new york was fine. but kurbann doesn't have a soul!

Dannielle A (au) wrote: There were many pros and cons to this movie. First the pros. It was very realistic; the characters seemed real. The actors did an excellent job making me believe the situations. The emotions were so powerful it got a rise out of me. The cons were just the decisions made by the actors which were so frustrating. But that's life. People don't always make the wisest choices. I saw the ending coming from a mile away so it was predictable but it was still meaningful and told a good story.

Jordan M (ru) wrote: Never Back Down = Karate Kid. Every fight clich packed into 90 minutes.You can pass.

Joe K (au) wrote: you romantics out there don't want to miss this one..have the tissues handy at the end. Story based on a novel about love between children who rekindle feelings in adulthood - an Israeli soldier and a Arab Palestinian teacher. A wonderful story beautifully photographed and well-acted.

Naysha S (ag) wrote: The movie is funny and have an incredible way of expressing the conflict between traditions and society evolution. I love it

Ricky W (jp) wrote: this movie is hysterical I laughed until I cried

Tim M (au) wrote: After being hurt by a woman Eckhart's bright idea is to hurt some other woman while on a six week business trip. He goads his shy friend Howard into helping, gets Howard to fall for a deaf woman, then makes the deaf woman fall for him! Fucked up, weird movie that ends mid-scene.

Edwin T (it) wrote: Criminally hard to find, this was way better than the similarly-themed Mel Gibson vehicle "Forever Young". An odd mix of comedy, sci-fi, and romance that somehow works beautifully, it also has some spot-on work from Peter Berg, Brian Wimmer and Marcia Gay Harden. Worth hunting down.

Andy P (es) wrote: Jenuet's film clearly inspired by Terry Gilliam with its surrealist dystopian world, serves as a bizarre allegory on meat eaters but the potency of the sardonic message is diluted in the annoying whimsical stylisation.

Maie B (au) wrote: a guilty pleasure of mine. so please, be nice.

Iggy A (ru) wrote: I enjoyed the film when it came out on video and thought it should have been better known and well-received. Maybe it was too pretentious. With a title like "The Adventure Begins..." But, I think its an enjoyable time. Just don't expect to be more than it is - especially in today's CGI super-duper superheros... Joel Gray as a miniature martial arts master with bad sense of humor and ego 10X his size would not have worked even in Michael Keaton's 1980s Batman, but he made this film something special...

El B (fr) wrote: Full of negative cliches about Hispanics. I have no patience for movies that intentionally make Latin America seem like the worst sht-hole in the planet and just do not care about spanish speaking audience. If they do not care about me why should I care about the movie?- The woman is warned at the beggining of the movie not to go to Colombia because it is a "Macho Country" full of dieases, insects, revolutionaries, etc. etc. etc.- The Woman gets to the Cartagena's Airport (a city of 1.5 million pople) which is supposed to look like a town's bus terminal??? With people selling Mango's right outside??? and then gets in a bus full of people carrying pigs and hens, etc, etc. INSULTING- The bus changed the sign from CARTAGENA to CASTILLO DE SAN SAN FELIPE which is a castle inside the city of CARTAGENA!!!!! SO, That is the road from the airport to the City???? a dirt road!!!! really??? a city of 1.5 million people?- Are they in Colombia or Mexico? Every hispanic in the movie is MEXICAN (yes Mexican with Mexican accents) Saying "ANDALE" like speedy Gonzalez and drinking DOS EQUIS BEER, they did not even bother to tell them to speak like Colombians. - Movie director: THERE ARE NO LLAMAS IN COLOMBIA, llamas do not exist in every country in South America you know?HORRIBLE, JUST HORRIBLE

bill s (br) wrote: Pryce is fantastic as the mysterious carnival barker as a sort of wish granting genie but with a catch.....good scary/fantasy movie for the young or young of heart.

Dylan K (it) wrote: I don't know how to start this review perhaps with the writing has been done right and this movie is so damn well written it would it is impossible not to like Atticus Finch in fact I think this movie is so good I get teary-eyed when I watch it

Carlton R (gb) wrote: James Stewart ,Kent Smith ,Jane Wyman ,Charming comedy set in a small town in America that gets hit with media attention,causing a variety of problems

Tim S (br) wrote: There's a lot of things that Blacula is and a lot of things it isn't. For instance, it isn't a good movie... not really anyways. I found myself enjoying it for its story despite myself, but I recognize how shoddy and laughable it is most of the time. It's also not a great blaxploitation movie; it just kind of got lumped in with that crowd because of its title and the timeframe in which it was released. If it were released today for the first time, I doubt it would carry any such moniker. It's not a great vampire movie either. It's passable, but it never really scares or thrills you like you would want from a scary movie. What it is, overall, is an interesting artifact in the cycle of the blaxploitation genre. The one thing that hadn't been done yet was a vampire movie, and what better way than to tackle a black Dracula? I found this to be a very entertaining movie, despite itself. It's not amazing, but it was a lot more interesting and engaging than most so-called "bad movies" that I normally see.

Joseph L (br) wrote: Iron Man benefits from strong performances from Robert Downey Jr and serves a great introduction to the once B-list superhero.

Craig T (gb) wrote: Ulu Grosbard directs Robert De Niro and Robert Duvall in a murder mystery based in the 1940's. It centers loosely around the Black Dahlia murders, deals with the political themes of the church, and also shows the contrasting lives of two brothers. It has the look and finished touches of the 40's. It certainly has the talent. What sets up as a sure shot winner ultimately takes the easy way out and we're stuck wondering why. I want to know what happened here because this could have been a classic. The slow pace and mottled events takes on no real shape. It is simply not interesting enough for its potential. The film has a story that even it can't stick with, it has no heart. It is as passive of a movie as you can find. Duvall chums up some action with Charles Durning (he is one of the stand out features) and gets us focusing on their next move but it never really takes place. We get introduced to some of the sketchy call girls but that is a disappointing avenue as well. De Niro never shows us the end of his patience with the corruption he finds himself surrounded by and we just get to see a dusty aftermath somewhere in the desert. While I can only really appreciate the time that both Bobs shared on screen together discussing the diluted plot details, the rest is choppy and the real mystery remains: how on earth could this formula get fouled up? (D)

Nicki M (mx) wrote: Twisted as hell. But you know, Eva Green... I kind of expected it! Woman gives birth to her deceased boyfriend by cloning him and raises him as her son despite being in love with him. It doesn't end well.