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Arohan torrent reviews

bill s (au) wrote: Lets come up with a movie thriller and put it on film before we have dialogue and any real sense of the movie.Then we'll call it Autumn Blood and it'll be great.....what bull$hit.

Amanda H (us) wrote: I had never had the privilege of seeing this show on stage, so I was very excited when I heard this DVD was being released. Now that I've watched it, I can understand why it's been so well-loved for so long. The production is beautiful, the casting is perfect, the theater is gorgeous, and despite the long running time, I was sad to see it end. This only further convinces me that I need to see the show in person.

Andy G (gb) wrote: penance is very bad thriller its about a mom trying to getting extra money but taking to be tortured by evil doctor. pretty low budget trash. D

Will W (au) wrote: While this movie lacks a coherent plot, the stunts, style and look of the film make it worth a look see.

Eliabeth L (gb) wrote: it was an awesome and beautiful movie to remember and sure i will do

Adrian B (kr) wrote: Didn't do anything for me and I doubt it will do anything for most people.

Luciano G (ru) wrote: The movie overall isn't bad.... it needs it's time to get going, but is very suspenseful, especially at the end..... nothing new though, but still not bad for a feature film debut....

Budge B (ca) wrote: A murder mystery? Or just a mystery? A love story? Or two? Maybe even three? Fidelity? Infidelity? Loyalty? Betrayal? A ghost story? Or a haunting reminder? A fresh perspective on life and relationships? Or a look at how we perceive one another, understand the events which take place around us?"Facing Windows" is a deliberately enigmatic film, beautifully performed, delivered as a tenderly intimate enquiry into life, love and family. A married couple, past the first blush of love and lust and now consumed with the stress of routines they can no longer endure, discover an old man wandering the streets of Rome. He has lost his memory, and perhaps his mind. Though they try to lose him, he becomes embroiled in their lives.Across the way lives a handsome, young, successful man. The wife has noticed him and he becomes the trigger for her fantasies, a source of what might yet be in her life ? escape from the mundane into which she has drifted. If the old man has forgotten his past, she would like to consign hers to history and create a new future. But they are all trapped in the present, watching from a distance as their lives drift by.This is an intriguing, engrossing film. Slow paced, it weaves its mysteries into an engaging plot which keeps you guessing, keeps you watching. The theme of looking out a window has been used in other films, but here we have a novel, creative approach which is both charming and compulsive.Ultimately it's an inspiring piece of work, a statement that you should demand to live in a better world, should not settle for tedium and dreams. It's a film about passion and love which will capture your affections. Excellent, well worth watching ? but not if you're on a diet!

Kashfia F (gb) wrote: Why oh why was this movie made?!

Mukundha S (au) wrote: hrithik knows how to act in this movie! its such a great action movie!

darren m (gb) wrote: no a great movie but worth the watch if you like horror movies

Ian C (gb) wrote: Re-watch. I enjoyed it alot more the second time around. Kelly's Heroes in Iraq. Good action, loved the shots of the internal bullet wounds, all three leads are the balls it is Spike Jonze as the redkneck simpleton who steals most scenes.

Robert B (gb) wrote: This film combines 2 of my favorite things: baseball and Japan. Set in a time before Japanese players became powerful stars in the MLB, the Japan leagues were where American ball players basically went to see thier careers die. I think the film catches that drama well. I like Selleck and he's in good form here as an American big NY Yankee ball player forced to face that his best ball playing days are behind him. The film gets akward with the fish out of water storyline and I think a lot of the American audience can't relate to the Japanese setting. Having spent some time in Japanese ball parks I found the story fair representation as Japanese crowds react differently then do American crowds. I hate to tell you this America but they have more genuine fun at the games. It's like going to small town high school game every time. American parks seem to have a lot of angst. Anyway back to the film, the film is solid and Selelck's performance was good. I hope he does more comedies like this one.

Simon D (gb) wrote: Another Scotish movie that followe the Gregory's girl formula. The characters are always so similar, geeky lads and smart girls, a humourous use of the Scotish language, the highland scenery, crap music, a sneaky little sister, and ridiculous haircuts. This is a cool film which I remember from my youth but unfortunately, the comedy element is way too weak, it just isn't funny.

Jesse R (es) wrote: There were a lot of characters in this film, so it was kind of hard to go back and forth.

Ryan S (it) wrote: 5/5. An incredibly powerful film with some of the best cinematography I have ever seen.

ray r (kr) wrote: I think the rating this movie has is far too high. To me it was a average movie and a bit stupid at times. The detectives wife for example is a complete retard. I think she is put in their for comic relief but she seems like a total simpleton and what husband wouldnt just tell his wife to stop cooking weird shit. Oh God that annoying. Actually mthe movie makes the Brits seem like a race of simpletons. Its like a caricature of the Brits. I thought it was a ok movie, nothing special.

Ryan W (nl) wrote: Quite an entertaining film, amusing throughout.

Brad S (fr) wrote: - I have already watched this a couple times this never fails to make me laugh and happy. Such a good movie. So many classic lines. I love it!- Seen this one more times than I can remember. I laugh every time. It is probably my favourite Tom Hanks film. The cast, all of them, make it as well as the high number of quotable lines. I miss Hanks doing comedies. Give it a watch!- Just watched yet again. I just really like this one, always puts a smile on my face. Give it a try if you've never seen it.- I really enjoyed this one. Hadn't seen it in a while and still laughed a lot...I must have seen this one over 5 times by now. This one is very well cast, everyone is well suited to their parts and everyone gets a few laughs. An overlooked gem!

Kevin B (it) wrote: don't mess with the duke