Around the Fire

Around the Fire

Simon is an intelligent and privileged young man whose family expects him to become a Princeton graduate. Crying out for attention from his reserved and cool hearted family, Simon commits numerous petty crimes and is soon sent away to boarding school where he befriends a "Deadhead," adopts the "hippie" lifestyle and dabbles in many drugs in his search for acceptance.

Around the Fire is the deeply resonant story of a boy named Simon, who despite being raised in an upper-class Manhattan household with all its privileges--and restrictions--is haunted by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike J (us) wrote: At least in this one it was more like the original two. New actor for pinhead just doesn't feel the same.

Joe M (it) wrote: It builds and it builds and it builds; will it be a Jacob's Ladder-type descent into total madness and identity disintegration, a close encounter of the terrifying kind, or...or...or...Ah crap. Hollywood shitness strikes again. Right at the finish line. All tidily packaged up in a Disney-style, steaming pile of yay.

Tessa R (fr) wrote: ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! A fantastic documentary made by musicians who tour the world talking to various philosophers and's about saving the world, religion, sex, etc...greatly presented and accompanied by terrific world/fusion music (also a CD...included in a particular 250 GB hard drive, btw, first album in the lot). I am currently brainwashing everyone I know to watch this...and can't wait for their up-coming follow up doc later this year!

Kevin S (es) wrote: I can't remember much about this movie apart from the very attractive redhead and her nude scenes.

Jayden R (de) wrote: No energy, feeling, commitment or even care by anyone involved in this movie is extremely evident....I'm looking at you Marlon Brando! He is so big in this movie he's kind of hard to miss. The Discovery is very boring at times and completely over the top at others, it's like it has no idea what it wants to do with itself. Benicio Del Toro does about as well as he can with the material hes been given, the same can go for Robert Davi who are both saving graces. By this time Brando didn't care at all and can you blame him? It's best to stay away from this.

Chris B (ca) wrote: A coming of age story with plenty of drama and real life scenarios but also one that has just enough humor in the right places to make it enjoyable. While the story itself is more true to life and not so perfect, that is what makes the film so wonderful and touching. The performances are amazing, especially that of Anton Glanzelius who gives a complex and amazingly real performance as a growing boy who is losing his mother, his lone provider and hero, and must learn to cope with it. He has an uncle who loves him very much who steps in and is the reason we are given hope and a sense of peace throughout and at the end of My Life as a Dog. Highly Recommended!

Ryan V (jp) wrote: Roy Scheider plays a womanizing, pill-popping, and egotistical theater director who is a (very thinly) disguised version of co-writer/director Bob Fosse. All That Jazz follows this director as he battles to stage an elaborate musical while his declining health and atrophied relationships crumble around him. All That Jazz is often compared to Fellini's 8 1/2 since it features a self-destructive auteur wading through hallucinatory sequences as his doomed production steadily fails. It's not even remotely fair to compare All That Jazz to such a universally beloved classic, but it still comes out looking good thanks to its beautifully staged dance routines, daring story structure, and some impressive acting from a cast personally affected by Fosse's proclivities both on the stage and off.

Evan M (it) wrote: A hard to follow plot is made up by grand, beautiful spectacle and the enchanting music that accompanies it,

Joshua D (gb) wrote: best rendition of a children's book one could make at the time.