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Raj Singh is the nephew and heir apparent of multi-millionaire J.J. Singh. J.J. Singh has to travel worldwide for business purposes, and he asks Raj to join him in Tokyo. An employee, Pran,...

Raj Singh is the nephew and heir apparent of multi-millionaire J.J. Singh. J.J. Singh has to travel worldwide for business purposes, and he asks Raj to join him in Tokyo. An employee, Pran,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ambreen E (de) wrote: has anyone seen this Film..maybe we can c it for movie night...i want to point out the section where it states the Brooklyn president (we know who that is) was involved...What a surprise!!!! I want to send out an open call..Its time for another expose, a powerful voice against corruption. This is a reflection of the entire country and effects us all!!!

Mark V (es) wrote: Grim, bleak and melancholic, "A Horrible Way to Die" is a well acted, well paced and suspenseful thriller that suffers from questionable cinematography and an irritating shooting style but to focus on anything but the well structured, believable characters would be to miss the point entirely. Did not see the twist coming at all.

007 W (it) wrote: Really good full of joy and laughter, very original and heartwarming

Anusha D (ca) wrote: i really liked the movie its fun watching it and i like the songs

Bog Man (au) wrote: Pity, this movie could have been awesome with a higher fx budget. Instead what we have is a competent if uninteresting story inter cut with really, really bad cgi skeletons. It never gels, in fact it's quite jarring to see human actors, cartoons, human actors, cartoons.

Edwin T (es) wrote: Overlooked upon release, this is worth seeking out.

Jason H (nl) wrote: It's a good movie trapped inside a bad movie. It shows signs of being good but it never fully delivers. Lugosi and Muse are rather good in here.

Simon H (gb) wrote: Land Without Bread is a short documentary showing a small poverty stricken town in Spain. What's nice about this is that it's a new take on what you are normally shown. You often see the poverty side through the years of your own country, and this short gives you the chance to view this in another culture.There is no sound other than a voice-over describing what is happening on the screen. Whilst hearing the sounds and voices would have been nice, without it makes you pay extra attention to some of the astonishing scenes on show. This is not a documentary showing those suffering but rather how the small community manages to live a normal life with so little. It is extraordinary hearing about how they handle burials. Whilst the filmmakers describe it as a documentary, some viewers will argue it to be the first ever parody of a documentary. It is easy to see where they are coming from. Some shots are clearly set up including an amusing multi-angle shot of a goat falling down a cliff. The narrator also comes out with lines which are not entirely serious. Whether you find it amusing or distressing, Land Without Bread manages to keep your attention the entire half an hour.

Mateus M (ag) wrote: Warto obejrzec w 3D - ten film to najlepsza lekcja historii jaka mozna sobie wyobrazic. Sama mysl, ze te malowidla maja 32.000 lat jest fascynujaca, zwlaszcza biorac pod uwage fakt, ze kultura zachodnia opiera sie na fundamentach sprzed zaledwie 6.000 lat. Inspirujaca podroz w czasie ukazujaca ewolucje czlowieka i testament naszych przodkow, ktorzy po obejrzeniu filmu staja sie kims wiecej niz "ludzmi z epoki kamienia lupanego". Polecam!

LordBishop34 (us) wrote: Not all that good a film, but not a bad film either. Actually pretty good for a Fangoria production. The film is boosted by the appearance of Bruce Campbell and Angus Scrimm. Scrimm is used actualyl quite well in his limited appearance. He is at is best in concise form.The filmed could have used more of Campbell and probably should have somehow been worked in as the lead and the new actress was not good enough to carry this film. Over all a solid film with a very predictable ending.

Stefan G (es) wrote: Try not to get too get too excited, because there's nothing particularly moving about this by-the-numbers action flick with lousy humour. Though the film's poster says "cut to the chase", the film itself doesn't really do that. In fact, it tends to get caught up in a contrived, clich-ridden plot that tries to weave so many useless elements in order to make it seem like more than a dumb action movie. The characters and acting, suffice it to say, are unimpressive at best, and unbearably standoffish at worst. The actors don't seem that motivated, and when they try to act better, they just make it even worse. The production values are so bad that the whole film is simply awful to look at, and for me, that's the worst part about the movie. I'll fully admit that films shouldn't be judged by how they look, but if you're not going to enjoy looking at the movie, you probably won't enjoy sitting through it. Besides, even the action could have been better, and the humour is just bland and almost non-existent. If you can find anything enjoyable about this movie, that's fine, but in my eyes, this is a movie that fails to be anything more than a waste of time.

Frances H (us) wrote: Neat documentary about Americas funniest magazine and the creation of a golden age of funny films and great comedic actors, an integral part of one of America's most interesting eras.