The film's plot is set in the backdrop of 26/11 serial blasts in Mumbai, and revolves around Ashok Kumar (Ajith), who is on a mission to expose a scam regarding faulty bullet proof jackets that are provided to security forces, which resulted in many bloody deaths including his best friend and colleague, Assistant Commissioner Sanjay (Rana).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:conspiracy,   india,   scam,  

A mysterious man along with a young computer hacker tries to unveil a major government conspiracy which resulted in several bloody deaths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gautham R (br) wrote: Song Kang Ho is pretty amazing as always, and I liked all the intrigue. Also took a very tragic and interesting turn I didn't see coming. Starts off very lighthearted and becomes intense a bit too jarringly, but still pretty effectively. All in all, good performances all around, and a very cool little historical drama.

Nicole G (jp) wrote: Not bad, far, predictable ending....

Kerinda R (br) wrote: Not as good as the original series, but it was nice to have a little closure.

Ninjaw P (nl) wrote: mais qu'a fait le grand alex proyas apres The Crow et Dark City ? ben il a fait garage days. Un film australien inconnu, une comedie rock n roll un peu fade et parfois potache, mais fortement sympathique, et avec un bon fond. Quelques scenes et musiques cultes, saupoudr (C) de quelques scenes visuelles bien travaillees

Najd G (us) wrote: It's always a tragic mess when a story tries to approach religion with an attitude of "in the end, everybody's right." This is no exception, and some of the plot's most moving moments get tainted with silly theology.The moving moments are not to be overlooked, though, and there's good reason this movie won the Oscar for its visuals. Yet, this movie has a much heavier "feel" to it when one considers the circumstances of Robin Williams' passing. I cried as I watched the beloved actor's reaction to learning the consequences of suicide, the emotions in the scene no longer feeling scripted. As the credits rolled at the conclusion, I felt a renewed void that I hadn't felt since August 2014.I saw "What Dreams May Come" in the theaters as a pre-teen, and it was the first DVD I ever owned. Over the years, I've seen this movie more times than I can remember. The week after Robin Williams died, I wanted to watch this again, but thought his tragic end was too fresh to be able to enjoy seeing this. So, I waited 8 months to watch it in hopes that I would be more mentally "prepared" to see it. To my dismay, it wasn't any easier watching it in April 2015 than it would've been in August 2014. Because it was my first DVD (and therefore has a sentimental value that is lacking in most of the other 300-some DVDs in my collection), I won't be getting rid of it. But, I can tell you this much: I'll never watch this movie again for the rest of my life.

stefano l (gb) wrote: A tremendous performance from John Malkovich, that portrais one of the most amazing and intriguing villans that I have ever seen in a movie. Not that Clint Eastwood is less impressive, because when he is on the screen he is able to capitalize the attention on him like very few other actors in the history of cinema, but I think that without Malkovich this great movie would be shortened a lot in its epicness.

Vanya M (jp) wrote: Dramatic story, based on actual events!Valuable movie

Billie W (mx) wrote: I think Polanski made Alec slightly rapier than in the book. I like that he didn't screw up the murder scene like some shitty Tess I saw on PBS once.

Eric N (kr) wrote: the opposite of Romeo Must Die - this is a terrible looking movie with incredible, real martial arts performances.this is just like watching the original Drunken Master -- terrible movie but watching the ultra-young mega-star is pretty sweet.

Andrew C (ag) wrote: Overly dramatic and arch adaptation of Poe's short story, this features Vincent Price in eye-popping overdrive, as well as the beautiful Elizabeth Shepherd doing her best with what she's given. Towne's too verbose a writer to trust with Poe's style, and this shows through in some histrionic dialogue, all delivered in as over-the-top way as seems possible. The cat, however, is excellent.

Aaron K (us) wrote: Master and Commander: Far Side of the World has a name as long as long as its run time. This lengthy 1800's naval flick was most likely dreamt up as a 'naval epic.' While it falls short of its goal, Master and Commander is still a great watch. The film follows one British ship and it's commanding officers in their pursuit of some powerful French ship that is important for some reason that was explained yet unimportant. The meat of the run time is filled with the interactions, drama, and conflicts aboard Russell Crowe's ship. The conflicts are fairly independent of one another, save for Paul Bettany's doctor character. The doctor is arguably for interesting than the other main character (Crowe), so I am thankful that his conflicts and story get their fair share of screen time. There aren't many characters worth caring about but that's acceptable because you're really here for the hunt of the French ship. The hunt and the subsequent battles are exciting and feel powerful. It's all of the best parts of 7th and 8th grade war history, rolled into a Hollywood 2+ hour film.