Due tribù di pellirosse un po' scurrili e un po' demenziali vivono nello stesso territorio. Arrapaho e Cavallo Pazzo si contendono la bella Scella Pezzata. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben T (us) wrote: An interesting movie that feels the story of one of the biggest pop stars around. I enjoy her music, so I was very pleased with this film. It may be a 3D concert movie, but it also serves as a well crafted documentary that will make you look twice at Katy Perry. This film is a must see for fans of Katy Perry.

Christine H (de) wrote: i was left disappointed =( there are some impressive dance sequences, but the characters are underdeveloped, plot was weak, the acting lacked emotion, i didn't feel any connection to the characters, and majority of the soundtrack didn't fit well...

Patrick W (kr) wrote: Incredibly original idea by Blomkamp. Aliens come to Earth but their ship cannot leave. They are forced to live in slum-like conditions in Johannesburg, South Africa and are constantly monitored by the government. Very entertaining film as it shows Sharlto Copley's character get exposed to a substance that starts to change him in a way that the government wants to exploit. As I said before, this film is incredibly entertaining and original. Action sequences were well done and effects with the "Prawn" alien race were remarkable as far as how they interacted with the human characters/actors.

Benjamin F (es) wrote: Jonah is funny, wise, and colorful.

Greg W (nl) wrote: just re-watched u can really see the fake studio parts vs the actual mountain stuff i saw in theater and really liked now not so much.

Darren R (jp) wrote: Cheesy, but enjoyable nonetheless. C'mon, what were you expecting?

lisa p (ru) wrote: i bought this movie like a very long time ago. it first i thought that it was funny. but then after a wile, it got a little boring. but when my dad saw it he just like completely liked it because, he thought that it was such a funny movie. well it is still good. so i will give it a four star.

Anna H (br) wrote: Loved the movie!! Sean Connery is awesome!!

Pavan R (br) wrote: A true story which makes it an interesting watch. made in typical British style with no added spice.

JP O (it) wrote: A very poor film indeed. A Prophet should not be mention or connected in anyway to this trash! The end of the movie is laughable and throughout left me wanting to bang my head on a wall at the poor acting/casting and story! Worst film I have seen in a long long time!