Arresting Gena

Arresting Gena

A directionless teenager (Aesha Waks) becomes involved with a headstrong runaway (Summer Phoenix) and her drug-dealing brother (Sam Rockwell).

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Arresting Gena torrent reviews

Vern L (fr) wrote: Boring people behaving badly.

Peter P (kr) wrote: Calling this awful would be too much of a compliment. Do not watch this film, even if you like bad movies.

Devan P (mx) wrote: Wow. I'm so embarrassed for Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray. What a truly awful movie. Charlie Sheen isn't even a joke anymore, he just sucks like he always has.

Michael M (br) wrote: A well-documented history of shock value based motion picture. From the early exploitation films of the 30s, to the porn films of the 70s, and the surge of violence in the 80s. There is a flaw about this though, and it is that it leaves out very important exploitation films like Pink Flamingos, Caligula, and Pulp Fiction.

Jinx C (ru) wrote: More stuff to awake the walking dead it up guys...your gonna need it

John C (ag) wrote: Based on the infamous unsolved murder in Hollywood 1930's which to this day remains unsolved. Detectives Aaron eckhart and josh harnett are assigned to the case. But as they get closer to solving the case that when people start dying and they end up almost getting killed. The first half of this movie is accurate brilliant beautifully acted and engaging but the second half is just horrible. The movie becomes depraved with some brutal violence and it feels as if the director the famous Brian de Palma didn't know how to end it. Another mistake is that her death was never solved either. A good but disappointing effort.

Louis F (us) wrote: A sensitive and mature look at the pressures affecting Japanese youth and a searing indictment of internet culture, a treatise on youth suicide, it's impact on society as a whole and...I'm just kidding.This movie is re-god-damn-diculous, BUT, it is epic big fun.She's not that good of a yo yo girl cop when it comes down to it, like she gets her ass kicked most of the time and usually saves the day through luck, more than skill, but I had a blast watching it.Sure, the cgi was a little lacking, but what the fuck ever, it's Japan.

Michael R (it) wrote: One Of My Favorites...!

Michael H (jp) wrote: Your don't have to be a fan of Metallica to appreciate this warts and all documentary, in fact it may make your appreciated them more... Includes fights, slamming doors, raging egos, rehabilitation and judges a smidgen of Spinal Tap, I'm surprised this everything saw the light of day!

Teresa S (us) wrote: Haven't seen this movie in which Ms. Fonda here, as in many of her best films plays a somewhat neurotic journalist/psychologist --an American journalist in this film. Hmmm...and she is married to a filmmaker? works for a radio network? hmmm. Jean-Luc Girard is among the directors credited on this movie. Kind of like buying a car...once you have one, you see it everywhere you look!!

Sofia S (gb) wrote: please i need to see it

Robert B (de) wrote: Quite a poignant documentary about the rise and death of the record store and the impact on the music industry. Interestingly enough the brand of Tower Records is still strong in Japan and a store still exists in Dublin. Well worth a look.

Brian O (br) wrote: Soooo bad, cheesy, ridiculous. Great schlock.