Three guys decide to rob a bank but everything goes terribly wrong. One of them owns a time machine and they try robbing the bank again but fail to do so. With the time machine they start ...

Three guys decide to rob a bank but everything goes terribly wrong. One of them owns a time machine and they try robbing the bank again but fail to do so. With the time machine they start ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Arrobá torrent reviews

Amit T (br) wrote: Must Watch.. you would not forget this movie soon...

Jefferson L (fr) wrote: A must see. Especially for those in the DC area.

Vijay P (us) wrote: reaches u values... made me almost cry :(

Arslan K (fr) wrote: This movie is soooooo funny. Their stupidity is hilarious.

intuciic (fr) wrote: pretty good movie. keeps you guessing almost till the 2016 phrase "-surfer with a cell phone.. that's kinda weird.." was especially funny..

Janine M (us) wrote: I found this film a bit disturbing...but the acting is great...and any film that makes its characters reenact Shakespeare gets a thumbs up from me!

Blke W (ag) wrote: Great cops flick debate over femine endowment within protective services when action is required. The stakes are high and course of action is highr when toughhomicide inspector gets the job of solving a murder at 1600 pensylvainia ave. The trail is cold and clues harder get hold of than find but with liasing ability of Dianne Lane playing a special agent deployed to white house duty acting to support the police, tends towards an outcome of more sinciers first instance judicial reprise. Not ba though seemed compressed glossing over with all the motion picture funfair than anything substantially tense, as the subject matter stipulate. I think for such a well written piece the chance for tjis feminine standpoint was obviously paramont to the production a big breasted Dianne provides the punch. Is ok though laughable at times. Snipes is a fight scene fanatic (loved to have seen him in 'rush hour' opposite chakie chan) and an ok job here eggsagerating the chance at the top job for a cop like khim. Gotta laugh at how mainsteam motion this is and at only twenty at time of release, not much better at thirty, might have to be a teenager for this one.

Sarah L (mx) wrote: woulda been perfect if adult Albertine was a believable halfie like her young counterpart.. it's intolerable to watch her as she's clearly 100% french (maybe canadian)!!! this ruins an otherwise great film.

Kevin Q (ag) wrote: this was back in the First Choice days! not bad for a Volleyball movie

Drew H (gb) wrote: Haven't seen this since I was a kid, and there's a good reason for that.

JP W (es) wrote: Not enough time with the doctor, too much time with the devils.

Don Sergio R (jp) wrote: One of my favourite childhood movies

Irvin C (fr) wrote: Wowza. I can't believe Elia Kazan and Tennessee Williams (who wrote a completely original screenplay) actually got away with doing this film. Karl Malden plays a middle-aged man married to a much younger and VERY hot woman who refuses to consummate the marriage until her 20th birthday. The film remarkably deals with its subject matter very tastefully, intelligently and discretely all the while turning it into a racy black comedy that will still probably raise a few eyebrows even today when explicit sexuality is more readily available in mainstream cinema.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: This debased Americanized version of the original Japanese film, re-edited to include Raymond Burr as a reporter, is relatively well made but full of inconsistencies, bad re-dubbing and terrible exposition, with him annoyingly narrating all the time what we can easily see.

David M (ru) wrote: A very rare bird- a great Film Noir filmed in color. Gene Tierney is great playing against type. Her unstable and sociopathic femme fatale is one of the most memorable in the genre. The film owes most of its success and longevity to John Stahl, its director. His use of space, pacing, and depth of field is a masterclass of filmmaking.

Kenneth S (ca) wrote: Quirky movie based on a real life Irish Tenor.

Robert B (ca) wrote: OMG...what can I say, from horrific to sublime. I've known about this film since it came out and heard all the praise heaped on it. But, my eyes are so red. Maybe I'll finish this some other time.

David S (br) wrote: A story of a man who suffers from schizophrenia slowly loses his mind and becomes someone he doesn't even know. Getting caught up with a woman leads to dangerous situations. Unfortunately this one fell flat on its face. Turns out everyone is a little crazy inside.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Routine dead teenager slasher flick with Jennifer Love Hewitt once again being stalked by the evil version of the Gorton's Fisherman. The original wasn't all that good, but this quite inferior sequel really does make you appreciate Kevin Williamson's script on the original film since Williamson was not part of the sequel. The film does have a pretty cool supporting cast, and I'm not talking about Freddie Prinze Jr. and Brandy, but you do get Bill Cobbs, Jeffrey Combs Jennifer Esposito, John Hawkes, Red West and Jack Black in an uncredited appearance as Titus Telesco. Two stars for the supporting cast.