A drunken playboy stands to lose a wealthy inheritance when he falls for a woman, his family doesn't like.

Irresponsible playboy Arthur Bach must undertake the most-expensive risk of his life: losing a wealthy inheritance or pursuing a woman he loves but his family doesn't like. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher C (fr) wrote: The only good thing about this movie is that it makes you hate the characters so you are happy when they die. Bad acting. Bad story. Bad special effects.

Laurent B (it) wrote: I still don't know how much I like it, but it is definitely beautifuly directed and acted, original, interesting and Mesmeriiiizing !

Melissa S (it) wrote: An amazing film. No sugar-coating, but a very real look at what some people have to experience. Blood Brother shows the heart of Rocky, who chooses to experience it with them.

Michael B (it) wrote: An all to real drama with great depth. I usually agree with ratings, but this one is getting jeered for no reason.

Auli H (ru) wrote: Pretty ok historical comedy, based on a true story!!!

Chris D (it) wrote: From our experience they should make a movie category of films fun to anticipate the plot and critique

Brian B (gb) wrote: Pretty funny. Moreso that I would have expected fom a Tom Arnold movie. He tones it down a bit and lets the movie be funny for itself.

Ross H (ca) wrote: Alexandra Holden and Joey Kern (the shirtless guy in Sasquatch Gang) play friends and almost something else in this weird little film that flashes back and forth throughout the movie. The premise was promising but the film was just lacking in the dialogue between the two characters. I just didn't feel enough for the two leads in their continuing relationship. I don't know if it was the actors' fault or the direction or the script but something was definitely missing. After spending a summer together a year ago but ending suddenly with a kiss, Alison (Holden) calls up Wes (Kern) and tells him that she's in town, wasn't going to even call him but did and asks if she can see him before she flies out to Tokyo to her boyfriend the next morning. He reluctantly agrees and we see what has transpired previously in their friendship and relationship in flashbacks to two years ago when they met and a year ago in that summer together. Alexandra Holden has an easier time in the script because she seems to be the adventurous one while Joey Kern's character is the more reserved to the point of boredom for the viewer. His character seems to be monotone throughout the movie with Holden's character not much different. When a movie plays out like this you had better have exciting and believable characters and a snappy script but unfortunately this movie lacks the magic to make it work.

Cristi B (ca) wrote: banuesc k e naspa sa fi unica femeie de pe insula, pe langa sa mai fi si buna cu spume

Stephanie E (gb) wrote: Brilliant movie. Loved it

Helen E (fr) wrote: I love all things Phillip Ridley so i'd probably be a bit biased =) It wasn't exactly what I expected though. Definitely left an impression, that's for sure. Left you thinking about the film for a fair while after. It's very strange, wouldn't be to everyones taste. Most people would find it a bit boring, as I did in some parts of the film but it was very intense and thought provoking. Focuses on troubled and disturbed people which is very interesting to me. Wasn't quite sure about that dead baby-fetus-thing, what was that about? And the ending was a bit abrupt and odd. Visually though it was stunning, very creepy and unsettling. If you a fan of the weird and disturbing then I would definitely recommend it =)

Jeff B (jp) wrote: Another decent WWII story. Boxing actually plays very little into the plot.

Jennifer M (mx) wrote: Follows up to the first wonderfully!

John R (ru) wrote: 120831: I laughed a couple times. This film is pretty bad, or pretty dated, or just not funny. I won't totally trash it however.

Masorad (kr) wrote: The squares discover non-Euclidean geometry in an ad firm. Hollywood genius.

Miguel R (ru) wrote: Despite Will Smith's terrific performance, Ali is unfortunately a disappointing biopic of the boxing legend

Arik M (es) wrote: This movie was phenomenal, and then came the ending. 'Nuff said

Jim H (fr) wrote: A rakish bachelor shares a party line with a prudish single woman.Shallow and farcical, Pillow Talk rests wholly on the assumption that its audience will find Rock Hudson and Doris Day sufficiently charming that they could perform whatever script and tell whatever story and the audience will still find them attractive. Unfortunately for the film, I find them both attractive but cannot stand a story that is so contrived and ridiculous that it insults my intelligence and over-estimates its own charm.Overall, this film proves that fluff is as old as cinema itself.