Artificial Paradises

Artificial Paradises

Artificial Paradises tells the story of Nando and Erika, two young people in their twenties who meet several times without noticing. It tells the story of the subculture of electronic music and rave parties and drugs like MDMA.

Two girlfriends visit a big Brazilian beach festival and decide to just let go. They enjoy the music, booze, drugs and on one steamy afternoon even each other. They also meet a young man and things can't be better. Can this paradise last? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip M (ag) wrote: Only now in 2017 does this comedy thriller make sense as a TV persoanlity comes from nowhere to President on a wave of change and saying what people want to hear. This deserves another watch in todays world.

Cameron J (gb) wrote: When hear that title, you can picture the ultimate in melodrama, but when you hear that the director went on to direct "Pineapple Express" and "Your Highness", you're thinking that this is about a more dramatic drug than weed, and that the "Snow" in the title is code for cocaine. I know that sounds like a stretch, but when you think about it, Sam Rockwell must be on the powder, because that's just about the only explanation for his walking on set all energetic, charismatic and dancing like the "naturally" white Michael Jackson, only to crash, just in time for the interviews and behind-the-scenes, where he becomes the dullest human being that wasn't the subject for a Terrence Malick film. He's like James Franco, only Rockwell didn't mutilate himself onscree-oh wait, I forgot that he was in "Gentlemen Broncos". Well, at least he'd be a better Oscar host, because man, he can dance like nobody's business, and that seems to be the criteria for being an Oscar host. Hey, at the very least, he should win an Oscar, because I must say that he is easily fairly high up in today's acting elites, which means that he'll probably get a Golden Globe, because at this point, the Globes know what they're talking about more than the Oscars and their Best-Director-to-Tom-Hooper-giving selves. In just five sentences, I went from talking about Sam Rockwell on cocaine, to the Golden Globes being more credible than the Oscars. Hey, at least it's not as big of a stretch as the tone change halfway through this film... or this segway into the discussion about the film. The first half of this film is like "Slap Shot", only it's not numbingly monotonous, plotless, packed with despicable characters or like "Slap Shot", in terms of premise at all. Other than the fact that this is also in a snowy environment, I only liken the first half of this film to "Slap Shot", because I can't think of any other film that's as tediously slow, unengaging or short on immediate development. In fact, I still can't think of any other film, because this isn't nearly on that level, but it's still rather slow and lacking in the immediate development departments, leaving engagement to drop off every now and then. It doesn't help that a lot of points in this film feel rather thrown together and that on the handful of occasions where the score does show up, its tone goes against that of the situation at hand. That last flaw doesn't really have anything to do with the film being unengaging at points, but it is still kind of annoying. Still, development builds and unengagement fades off with the slowness, come the second half, but that transformation itself is a bit of a flaw, because the tone changes so quickly, not to a terribly drastic extent, but still enough to where it's a bit offputting. Still, although the film isn't terribly outstanding or smoothly executed, what is consistent in this film is the compelling realism, entirely carried by the performances alone. I opened the review joking that the title promises melodrama, but when you see the film, that is most definately not the case. Sure, these storylines aren't terribly inventive, but they're still approached in believable and compelling fashions, partially made so by the performances. Everyone plays their parts sharply, with each person emiting strong chemistry and a captivating, individually unique atmosphere that draws you to them and leaves you wondering about every member of this large cast. Of course, of the several storylines, the most interesting is easily that of the crumbling Marchand family, not just because it's the most complex and heavy story, but because Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale put on what are easily the two best performances out of the entire film. Their chemistry with each other and the people around them is so believable and charming, when not compellingly complex, but when the major dramatic turn rolls in, they're given more to do and boy, do they do it very well, with excellent emotional work and equally compelling atmospheres that leave you questioning who to side with. Still, between the two of them, Sam Rockwell still comes out on top as the stand-alone best performer in the film, because his character suffers through many complex and painful psychological layers and struggles, and Rockwell's startlingly believable ability to convey the Glenn Marchand character's gradual collapse and consistent pressure with a sense of isolation is absolutely awe-inspiring. If you see this film for no other reason, then see it for yet another stellar performance by Mr. Rockwell, which isn't to say that there's not plenty of other strengths that make this film worth seeing. Overall, it sets its tones well, but dances between them in a fashion that's either slow or bumpy, but in spite of it all, the compelling realism, carried by a wide cast of captivating performers - with an excellent Kate Beckinsale and a typically stellar Sam Rockwell bringing the most to the screen - leave "Snow Angels" to stand as a generally enjoyable, when not respectably heartbreaking portrait on the complexities within people and their relationships. 3/5 - Good

John Y (de) wrote: This movie was just as much of a train wreck as the life it was trying to show.

Neemat M (es) wrote: i liked it when i watched when i was youngnow, it's a chick flick that doesn't measure up to my standards anymore, it's a feel good movie though

Debbie T (br) wrote: one wierd but excellent movie. Rickman was excellent as usual!! ;0)

Arash X (br) wrote: Since I really liked The Eighth Day I decided to check this one & I liked this even more than that, I just disliked the ending otherwise a wonderful movie

Zahid C (ca) wrote: Day: SundayDate: 17 Nov 2013 Time: 11.00pmWith: NooneOn: HDTV

Dylan P (jp) wrote: This movie sucked step up is better

Larry Y (kr) wrote: another supermarket DVD 2.99 DVD combo pack purchase

Gabriel C (fr) wrote: Quirky, sweet and charming.

Odysseus H (au) wrote: amazing, punisher done right

Steve G (kr) wrote: It was ok kinda slow