Arvon veli

Arvon veli

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:48 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:brotherhood,  

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Dave L (us) wrote: I'm usually a fan of Werner Herzog stuff but this documentary seemed average in comparison with some of the rest of his work. The cave, of course, is fascinating and the tour is worth watching for sure. There were some really cheesy moments in the dialogue such as "listen to the cave's heartbeat and our own heartbeats". Really? If a viewer can get past that, they may be interested in a tour of humanity's oldest paintings on a cave wall.

Jojo H (gb) wrote: The romance crap was unbearable at first, but the last half of the movie is actually kind of compelling. but God, Mia's whole arc in which she needs to decide whether or not to stay is good until the very end, which kind of pisses me off.

Brad S (br) wrote: - I decided to watch this one again as I was in the mood for a Steve Carrell film and wanted a comedy, I had forgotten how depressing the story of this film is. It is funny in parts, and I did enjoy it again but it is such tricky tone to pull off as it is essentially about the end of the world. But there are some really touching moments such as Keira Knightley calling her parents and Steve Carrell reconciling with his absentee father played by Martin Sheen. The critics don't seem to agree with me, but sometimes that's just the way it is. I really like Carrell and Knightley in this and they make it worth watching.- I liked this one a lot. It had some moments where I laughed out loud and I was interested in the story. i am a big fan of Steve Carrell so that helped, but it was nice seeing in something other than a period piece...and she's pretty quirky and funny. Give it a try!

Jonathan D (ru) wrote: This documentary about the Iraq War was made in 2007, when things were at their nadir. Its agenda is not so much to criticize the decision to go into Iraq as it is to criticize the execution. It opens early on - around the time of "Mission Accomplished" with shots of gleeful Iraqis lining up on streets with "Welcome America" signs or in happy group photos of Iraqis joined with U.S. soldiers. And it's down hill from there.The thesis is that the Iraqi invasion could have been quite successful had the strategy included a meaningful plan to maintain order in Iraq, had officials tasked with creating ties with Iraqis in positions of responsibility been given authority and resources, and had not some critical blunders not been made - by some critical blunderers.Those portrayed as wise are an unlikely alliance of State Dept. career officials and those in the military - who had the expertise to understand what it takes to maintain order in a war zone. The villains are the civilians in the Defense Dept. - notably Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz - and the inexperienced man tasked with governance, Arthur Bremmer. President Bush is not so much an active villain as he is clueless bystander who puts blind trust in his leadership and offers no thoughtful oversight, even as things accellerate out of control.There's an obvious bias throughout the movie. At no time do we sense that this is an inquiry into what happened. Those interviewed are a phalanx of Cassandras who tell of how they warned the administration of the scope of forces needed to successfully manage the overthrown country. The villains are shown only in news clips - or with a placard reading "Donald Wolfowitz (eg) refused to be interviewed." It would have been more honest to say he declined to be interviewed.Nonetheless, the story of how Iraq descended into anarchy after the U.S. invasion, and the political steps that got it there, certainly rings true. We know, as is highlighted, that the decision to fire the entire Iraqi military and to "deBaathify" the country of its technocrats helped to create an insurgency and to cripple our own ability to maintain the country's infrastructure. If the movie is to be believed, when the U.S. scored a military victory, there was an enormous quantity of generals who were willing to help the U.S. with the transition - who were turned out onto the streets along with their subordinates.And so the sickening story unfolds - of the looting, of the rise of the anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr - and of the breakdown of all civil order, which we are to believe occurred because of the power vacuum created especially by Rumsfeld's refusal to put more "boots on the ground" and to avoid "nation building."The thing sadder than seeing a tragedy unfold is to learn that it could have been avoided. The famous words "Mission Accomplished" might not seem so ironic today had the war been administered in a different manner. This movie does give a good, painful, overview of how the handling of the war led to the country's collapse, and how that did not need to be that way.

Marvin G (it) wrote: great cuddle movie night.

Gina B (ru) wrote: Another great movie from Hungaria. Realistic, full of action and emotional moments.

Shawn M (ca) wrote: Great movie...but is revenge really the answer?????

Larry S (gb) wrote: Brilliant and touching rendition of the acclaimed novel. Actor turned director Liev Schreiber doesn't make a false move in the whole film. The music, the settings, the understated acting, unobtrusive editing. I watch and marvel and am moved. Nothing is lost.

Gabrielle M (ca) wrote: This movie is beyond bad. It is a miracle that it was allowed to be put into production. Stamp of judgement: Epic fail

Benjamin (it) wrote: Four stars go to Chris Egan and Christian Clark as the yr truly smokin HOT!! As for the storyline it was pathetically shitty!!

Sam M (fr) wrote: Good script/dialogue. Pretty thrilling story, Annette Benning is stunning.

Joshua L (us) wrote: I liked the remake because it had a more focused story than this one. This is truly art house cinema but still very profound and intriguing.

Andy C (mx) wrote: The effects for the time are pretty good which is unfortunate since the plot and direction fall short leaving a dry taste in the mouth. An intriguing misfire that becomes more ludicrous as the story unfolds.

Cliff B (es) wrote: We Want ABBA! We Want ABBA! Songs heard: Please Change Your Mind (performed by Nashville train) Hole In Your Soul (extract) Tiger (Live) S.O.S. (Live) Money, Money, Money (Live) He Is Your Brother (Live) Intermezzo No. 1 (Live) Waterloo (Live) Mamma Mia (Live) Rock Me (Live) I've Been Waiting For You (Live) The Name Of The Game ('video') Ring Ring Video [Children choir] Why Did It Have To Be Me (Live) When I Kissed The Teacher (Live) Get On The Carousel (Live) I'm A Marionette (Live) Fernando (Live) Dancing Queen (Live) So Long (Live) Eagle ('video') Thank You For The Music [End Credits]

Bruce B (nl) wrote: This was far from what I expected from reading the reviews. This Movie is from the Criterion Collection Spine Number 113. This movie made in 1958 in Black & White reminds me of movies made in the thirties. Yes a comedy but of little interest and very boring at times. A disappointment to me as most Criterion Collection Movies are pretty good. Still for time frame and reading the very fast English Subtitles I will push it to 4 Stars.

Allen G (br) wrote: Just when you think Lambert can't sink any lower, he defies expectations...but not in a good way.

Maisie W (gb) wrote: Why do Woody Allen's films always make me want to pack my bags and leave town

Jarek M (es) wrote: Everithing was good till hour and half then Shakespeare starts to happening.

stacey m (kr) wrote: HIgh reviews for us. where did this movie come from - says 2014 - we found it by accident - thankfully - we LOVED the movie.

Deb W (ru) wrote: It gets better every time I watch it. Great dialogue...Feinnes is fantastic!