After completing his medical studies, Gopal (Rajendra Kumar) takes a break and goes on holiday in Kashmir. There he meets with Usha (Sadhana) and both fall in love with each other. Back home, Gopal has a close friend, Ramesh (Feroze Khan), whose dad (Brahm Bhardwaj) wants him to marry Usha as an arranged marriage. Ramesh likes Usha and is willing to marry her. In the meantime, Gopal finds out that Ramesh is going to be married to Usha and decides not to pursue his romance with Usha. When Ramesh and Gopal's sister, Sarla (Nazima) convince Gopal that Usha only loves him, he reveals a dark secret to them, which may convince them that he is not right for Usha.

After completing his medical studies, Gopal (Rajendra Kumar) takes a break and goes on holiday in Kashmir. There he meets with Usha (Sadhana) and both fall in love with each other. Back ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al H (mx) wrote: A story more of the same. There is nothing more to see.

Luke E (mx) wrote: Beserk: The Egg of the King is a wild, bloody, facinating and brilliant Dark Fantasy film based on a best selling Manga of the same name. Set in a Medieval Europe inspired fantasy world, It follows Guts; a Conan the Barbarian like warrior hungry for any bloodthirsty challenge, he soon meets Griffith, who leads a band of mercenaries and has great ambition, But does this lead to some deadly consequences. The plot follows their activities and relations with others across a great land and kingdoms fighting for a good cause and what meaning do they get out of it. The animation is fantastic with spectacular battles and great mix of CGI to go with it. The Characters have so much purpose in the story it just facinating to know where they go and what they do. On a down side its quite short at 75 mins, but its a great start for whats to come in future enteries. Even if your not familiar with this Series this could be the perfect introduction to the bloody, violent and Epic world of Bersek.

Tracey C (mx) wrote: Wesley: Excuse me, where's this plane going to? Stewardess: Detroit. Wesley: sighs with relief Thank God! [panics] Wesley: ... Excuse me! Where's it coming from? Stewardess: Bangkok. Wesley: Thai... Wesley: Whose kid is that? Stewardess: Yours - you adopted him yesterday. Congratulations! Wesley: [waves gingerly] Hey buddy. Bobby: You started it! Mike 'Cooze' Coozeman: What? I didn't do anything Bobby: You charged that stripper with a pen like you were gonna shove it in her ass!

Anthony V (es) wrote: Cute fantasy/romance. Main hindrance is over use of CGI.

beth c (us) wrote: It is so random that I have seen this, it is interesting and informative, and never boring. It is fairly unbiased

Yousif V (ca) wrote: Hysterical throughout! I can't understand why anyone would dislike this movie.

Michael W (it) wrote: Another tour de force from Charles Bronson as ex-con melon farmer who gets tangled with a ruthless hitman. Part of a long stretch of Grade-A Bronson films. Paul Koslo turns in another fine performance in support.

Walter M (ru) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Zabriskie Point", Mark(Mark Frachete) is a campus radical involved in a college strike. He and his pals have had enough with meetings and decide armed resistance is the way to go. During one confrontation with the police, a policeman is killed. Mark flees by stealing an airplane and flies towards the desert. Meanwhile, Daria(Daria Halprin) is driving out to Phoenix via a meditation center she hopes to find...[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Zabriskie Point" is a very dated movie about violence in America. The acting is amateurish with the exceptions of Rod Taylor and G.D. Spradlin. Michelangelo Antonioni sure seemed to enjoy photographing billboards. There are a couple of nice sequences, though.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]What is wrong with nonviolent resistance by the way? Granted, I did not like meetings in my college days and I still do not(The subject matter having changed from socialism to capitalism.) but in any kind of movement, you still need some sort of ideology and idea as to what you hope to achieve. [/font]

Alan H (gb) wrote: Watched as a Valentine's penance. Should have gone for the corporal punishment option

Ken20 N (de) wrote: one of my favorite if not favorite steven spielberg.