As Bellas da Billings

As Bellas da Billings

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Ronald B (ru) wrote: This is a wonderful drama. It deals with a different philosophical twist on life that is challenging while at the same time being light enough to enjoy the lives of the characters.

Gamer (au) wrote: Own it and love it it's an amazing movie full of magic and humor

Ben W (mx) wrote: you know a movie is good when you read the english subtitles and, even though you dont speak any eastern european language, you realize how incredibly poor the translation is, but you cant bring yourself to care. maybe its the languid camera movements, the fantastically long takes (im talking a few that last more than 10 minutes), the frustrating and intriguing imagery, etc. whatever it is, this is pure poetry, and thus we cannot avert our eyes for a second. call me a tarr convert.

MF J (de) wrote: Terrible remake of the french version, this film is just purely stupid, boring & badly directed. Not even the very likeable Queen Latifah can save this dud from the abyss of mediocrity.

Andrew B (mx) wrote: Could not take more than the first half hour

Sean C (ru) wrote: Decent (although somewhat pretentious) early effort by Gus Van Sant. Hardly a "gay interest" movie like I was led to believe... but it shows promise for a great filmmaker to come.

Victor P (ca) wrote: Holy mess on a cross! This one of the most impressive and daring films I've seen come out during this era of American film. It caught me by complete surprise! Deliciously dark with a twisted climax that will force you to cringe from deeply within, it still holds a level of high gloss 50's Hollywood. I FULLY recommend it for story, style, social commentary and sheer bravery.

Bill T (es) wrote: Another fun Sherlock Holmes movie here, although all the characters are quite dim. Holmes and Watson must, yes, go to Washington to find a microfilm lest it gets into The Wrong Hands, and from there, it's really a case of "Who's Got The Matchbook?!?" that almost turns into a farce. Still enjoyable though.

Eric T (jp) wrote: A very charming movie that I can't really say I have many problems with. One interesting thing about it is that the way it's shot and structured, it almost feels like a TV comedy. I feel like this idea would make for a good hour long comedy series. It's just a fun little movie. I highly recommend it.

Darren K (kr) wrote: Entertaining but not much depth or humor. An 'okay' Snatch inspired, hyper violence flick. Some fun characters but not pushed to where it should be.

Ryan S (au) wrote: 5/5. One of the best horror films I've seen in years. No cheap jump scares here. Genuine scares and excellent acting.

Timothy F (us) wrote: I actually enjoyed this one. Normality in the chaos of war.

Onkel B (nl) wrote: Terrible. plain terrible. Confusing story and awful casting. Lacks everything. Waste of money and time. These people should be ashamed of this bomb of a movie they created.