As Gatinhas

As Gatinhas

Alexandre (Hingst) goes to Guarujá, a beach resort near São Paulo, looking for his son Eduardo (Di Pietro), who has stolen money from a bank. Eduardo runs away and leaves behind two young ...

Alexandre (Hingst) goes to Guarujá, a beach resort near São Paulo, looking for his son Eduardo (Di Pietro), who has stolen money from a bank. Eduardo runs away and leaves behind two young ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike J (gb) wrote: What was this ever about???

JY S (ag) wrote: Apparently it takes two doesn't work with Ong Bak 3 as both Tony Jaa and Panna Rittikrai can't get this film over the hump.The 90 minute plot isn't exactly a walk in the park. The first 20 minutes can be quite erratic, as the film tries to build too much in too little time, especially when carrying over plot details from Ong Bak 2. In the middle there is a long stretch that is rather slow and uneventful, which ends up taking some of the wind out of the action packed finale.The martial arts isn't limited per se, but it is lacking in amusement. The choreography is solid, but the reduction in speed for a good percentage of the sequences doesn't help.Tony Jaa gets credit for the action, but not much else. Dan Chupong is quite the character, but his fights are a bit of a disappointment.Ong Bak 3 has its ups and its downs; both come together to create just an average picture.

Tallen C (ca) wrote: 'S'all righ', I guess.

Mike H (nl) wrote: Starring: Vince Mola, Jamil A.C. Mangan, Mary Monahan, Brandee Sanders, and Jim Sullivan.Directed by Lance Weiler.Written by Brian Majeska and Lance Weiler.No MPAA rating (contains intense terror/violence and disturbing images).Running time approximately 1 hour 24 minutes. Review Coming Soon! [b]**** (out of ****) A+[/b]

Sergi F (us) wrote: started out great, the twist in th end was amazing but the finale was shit!

Lauren W (ag) wrote: don't expect Anne Hathaway to be all sweet in this one, ha but thats why I love it.

Erin L (fr) wrote: not the best movie to watch It was pretty lame and dumb to watch.

Wade H (jp) wrote: The directing is decent and Patrick tries. But it downgrades it's predecessor with a cheap plot, stale acting and lame dialogue.

Benjamin N (au) wrote: Cool subject matter, and a great performance from Sir Ian.

Nathaniel R (mx) wrote: Contrary to the poor reviews, I admire this film for highlighting global warming, it's is certainly a fascinating insight and has a few gimmicks in it that make you laugh but overall it is a great B list film. Has a few edges of 1980's villains to it as well that is certainly enjoyable

Kelly C (fr) wrote: It was funny then and it's still funny now. Just a classic comedy!

Eric H (br) wrote: Django (1966) is one of my top 5 western favorites. A story about a dark figure who walks through the western desert dragging a coffin. Wherever he goes, trouble seems to follow him. Everything about this movie is cool, the costumes, dialogue and the acting. I have to warn you about the differences in the English language and the original Italian soundtrack. I implore you to watch the italian version because it has all the cool heady dialogue. The English soundtrack is very bland and cliche ridden, it destroys the movie and turns it into a joke. I highly recommend the Italian language track. Stay away from the dubbed version, you'll lose all of the religious and political overtones and classic lines. The english version has an actor doing a very weak and lame Clint Eastwood impersonation, bad...real bad.

Anna D (ag) wrote: I love her movies...Miss Marple by Agatha Christie, my favorite author

Kora G (fr) wrote: A romantic comedy with a bit more depth to it. Good watch.

Bernie M (us) wrote: I hadn't seen a seagal movie before, so I decided to watch this one because I head it was one of the best. Gotta say, it was pretty good. The plot was pretty bad, but I liked the action, Seagal fighting people and Tommy Lee Jones was really good. Props to Seagal, he's pretty good here. Not the smartest or most original, it is however a great mindless, cheesy action film that I like.