As Long as You've Got Your Health

As Long as You've Got Your Health

This anthology film from Étaix’s peak period presents four comic episodes with an accent on the pitfalls of modern life: (1) a scary vampire novel keeps a man awake, (2) a moviegoer’s attempts to find a seat give way to an onslaught of absurd ads, (3) noise and pollution send a man to the doctor’s, (4) a hunter disrupts a rural idyll. In French with English subtitles. (Martin Rubin, Gene Siskel Film Center)

The director's cut (restored version) opens and closes with theatrical curtains in homage to Georges Méliés films, and is divided into four parts, separated by title cards: I - L'insomnie [... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (jp) wrote: One of Seagal's best later movies! He kicks some sweet ass in this one.

Jeff E (jp) wrote: Seen it twice. Probably the most realistic portrayal of Mainland China you will find on film. No Kung Fu. No resolution. This is the real China.

Alex W (fr) wrote: An ambitious movie that works most of the time. Sometimes the look and feel of it is amateurish, or maybe its just dated. I am just noticing there is a dog on the over which i don't remember in the movie. Lots of feel good moments and creative concepts and scenes.

Bass 9 (it) wrote: Love comes in different ropes, songs, and drugs.

Frances H (fr) wrote: Not a very good modern re-telling of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic. Frederick March, Spencer Tracey and Jack Palance have nothing to worry about.

Stephen H (gb) wrote: Von Stroheim's final film was never completed, but what we have here is still impressive, cementing his status as one of the great early directors.

Indu R (it) wrote: A great Western showing the story of two bounty hunters taking down the criminals.

Francisco L (au) wrote: The great, excellent, amazing, legendary performances, by Dick Van Dyke and by Julie Andrews, hide the apathetic performances by Matthew Garber and Karen Dotrice. One fact is that in an animation or kids movie, the weak script and the poor approach of the theme are insignificant and only what matters are the sweet songs, the charming story, the creativity and the originality of this movie. Little boring narrative.