As Summers Die

As Summers Die

Set in a sleepy Southern Louisiana town in 1959, a lawyer, searches for justice as he volunteers to help a black woman whose property is being threatened by the Holts, the first family of the town, after she refuses to sell her valuable land.

The plot centers around a large area of land owned by an old black lady, Elvira Backus. It had been given to her by her one time employer and secret father of her two children, a southern ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (ru) wrote: Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike deserve many awards for their exceptional performances in this brilliant thriller that keeps us always guessing at the very edge of our seats with its deliciously elaborate plot and never ceases to surprise us with every incredible twist it throws on our laps.

Mandy V (mx) wrote: I ended up just skipping to all the interesting/scenic parts, which were pretty cool, so I decided to give it 2 stars. Other than that....

Andrew C (mx) wrote: Good story, good special effects, good action, great characters and a few laughs. Pretty much all you want from a trip to the cinema.

Jaimee D (fr) wrote: Terrible trailer for a pretty cute movie!

Farah C (it) wrote: Given the recent resignation of the Pope, this movie seems prophetic.

Seth S (au) wrote: Lacking some of the charm of the original "Nanny McPhee", the sequel still provides a fun movie.

Stella D (ag) wrote: the sequel to johnnie to's 'the mission' is like the bastard child of john woo and sergio leone, complete with it's own 'harmonica'. a bit thin on plot but with tons of style

George M (us) wrote: read the book, DO NOT SEE THE FILM

Irvin C (ru) wrote: This film documents the 1967 Monterey Pop Music Festival with line-up of great bands and performers including the Mamas and the Papas, Simon and Garfunkel, Ravi Shankar, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, etc. And the music is really mostly great and the film is well-made with some interesting visuals (which could be enhanced by certain substances, if you know what I mean) Even though I know that this predates Woodstock and "Woodstock", the documentary, I can't help but feel that this is "Woodstock"-lite. Although it does contain footage of Peter Towsnhend and Jimi Hendix destroying their guitars on stage. That's something!

Michael T (au) wrote: Very solid follow-up to THE IPCRESS FILE. Harry Palmer is sent to Berlin to arrange the defection of Oscar Homolka's funny Russian general but winds up involved in a plot involving a Nazi who has infiltrated British intelligence and the Mossad agents hunting him. A very interesting snapshot of a divided Berlin in the swinging sixties; when I first saw this film in the mid-1980s on TV the Cold War was still going strong and now seems to be making a comeback.

Betomovies E (de) wrote: Una original y humanizada mirada al mito licantropico, hasta sirve como la explicacion al origen del mismo

Post G (gb) wrote: Oversimplifies what could have been a very fascinating story. O'Toole is ridiculous, and both he and Burton are very black and white characters. There was so much potential for grey here, but unfortunately missed.

sarah h (kr) wrote: amazing movie , very moving !