Åsa-Nisse på jaktstigen

Åsa-Nisse på jaktstigen

Åsa-Nisse and Klabbarparn are hunting enthusiasts. This includes illicit hunting, but the new police officer Klöverhage keeps a sharp eye on them. When Åsa-Nisse happens to get caught with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wes S (it) wrote: Cheap indie film with a silly looking shark and no seconds of fine acting. Even then, the movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and you can tell the creators were having fun with the movie which does make it somewhat watchable.

Jennifer O (it) wrote: this was a very good movie.

Jay A (jp) wrote: It will Scare you and never let you out 100 Feet!

Buggy B (ru) wrote: I liked this about as much as Paris, Je T'aime, which is to say not so much. The attraction of course is the all-star cast involved, its a regular omnibus of talent in a series of 10 artsy, disjointed short stories about love and relationships in New York. It's a mixed bag; some good, some boring, some make you think and some are just plain bizarre but none of them are really long enough to matter. This didn't leave its mark on me and if there was a bigger message meant to be conveyed, I didn't get it. Mostly it was a waste of time. A couple stories did stand out I guess; Natalie Portman as a Hasidic Jew fantasizing about her East Indian diamond broker, Anton Yelchin was good -weird, silly story, Um yeah, a big waste of talent. 7/15/14

David K (mx) wrote: Don't read anything about this film....just watch it!

Faith T (fr) wrote: I was surprised when I saw Khalid Abolnaja in an English movie ?. He shocked me with his acting ,,, a very good one ?. Also the movie was showing truth about how the Americans have suspicions about the Middle Eastern people and the anger of the Islamic people for what is happing to them around the world. Go ABOLNAJA we support you ;).

Phenom1975 (ru) wrote: one of the best movies, makes you want to do the baja

Richard D (au) wrote: I like this movie. I wanted to love it, and I couldn't quite. It's interesting as a British western ... a rare if not unheard of commodity. Most of the British westerns I have seen from this era very consciously copy spaghetti westerns, while this one just feels more British, especially with Christopher Lee and Diana Dors featured in prominent roles. I really like everything that features Robert Culp as Welch's mentor. He's wonderful in this. What I'm less fond of is everything that features the villains. The casting is superb ... you can't ask for a better trio of villains than Ernest Borgnine, Jack Elam and Strother Martin. What I dislike is how the film turns into a dumb, slapstick comedy whenever they appear. It's tonally jarring and frankly, I don't find any of it to be funny. It feels like an extreme waste of a great cast.

Ryan A (ru) wrote: What I got to say about "Bring It On" is that it is a phenomenal movie to sit down an enjoy. "It's funny, smart, clever, and entertaining." The performances by the whole cast is outstanding. "Kirsten Dunst has good chemistry between Gabrielle Union and Jesse Bradford in each scenes that Kirsten Dunst is in with them." The directing by Peyton Reed is great. The screenplay by Jessica Bendinger is really well done with a fluffy storyline to it. The cinematography is really good especially, when you combines the choreography into it, it works so beautifully. Finally, the score on this movie is great and works great in the movie. "I'm raving that "Bring It On" might be a cheer leading movie but it also has a heart full of confidence and hope to never give up but prove that you will succeed!"

Meli L (es) wrote: A telling portrayal of the darkest parts of modern islander culture. On-point.

Wayne M (ag) wrote: I was intrigued by this film but rarely moved and in the end I just wanted it to end. I might have missed the point but I felt this film was style over substance. To be sure it is incredibly stylish and beautifully framed and shot but it left me cold. The love affair between Cynthia and Evelyn is told with class and effect but the push and pull of the relationship never truly involved me.

Dan A (gb) wrote: Much better than I thought it was going to be. A Christmas horror anthology from Canada. It was stupid, it was fun, and it had William shatner. It Wasn't great. Could have been better if they told one story at a time rather than jumping around. But I went in with really low expectations. It was just as cheesy and stupid as expected but more entertaining. Hardcore horror fans will enjoy. General public probably not.