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Ascension torrent reviews

Hiram S (de) wrote: I think the story had a great potential, but the disaster mixture involving the bad performance plus the nonse segments, turned off the whole movie project. Such a shame.

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Jeffrey L (ca) wrote: Those who loved 2003(TM)s School of Rock and want to see a documentary about almost the same thing, you(TM)re in luck. Rock School (almost the same title even) features a real life school of rock and documents the events of all involved, impressing the viewer constantly with the talents of these young musicians. As we are taken behind the scenes from start to finish in their journey to being rock stars (at least thus far), we are given a better understanding of what these dedicated musicians go through to achieve victory.Paul Green is given the most spotlights in this nifty documentary as he takes the gold for forming this school, which inspires young (as young as elementary school) musicians to join their band. As many of them have experienced personal problems previously (one loser who reveals his low intelligence and suicide attempts stands out), membership in this school not only gives them a chance to showcase their talent, but builds loads of self esteem! Though it was not only a great idea from the start, this talented group takes their dream to the national level and even wins awards. Making it a dream come true and more than they could ever bargain for.As this one got a straight-to-DVD release, it did not obtain quite as much recognition as it deserved, which is quite a shame as it is the kind of film which warms your heart and may make everyone inspired to chase their wildest dreams. We also get a chance to know each cast member one on one and find out how they came to be where they are, and many of their stories give them even more credibility. Knowing that this is a true story makes it even more treasured. Definitely a quality documentary to be viewed by all movie buffs at one time or another.

Meghan S (kr) wrote: Good family movie, good overall.

Catherine N (au) wrote: Viewed via a dvd on which the subtitles were not working. I only had beginner Italian and caught a few words here and there, but it was very easy to follow this riveting story about a woman trying to escape her past. Clearly the female lead was wonderful as she maneuvered her way into a new life with a particular mission. Kudos to the director using close up shots and flashbacks to convey a thriller/melodrama reminiscent of Sirk mixed with Hitchcock'.

Alejandro R (de) wrote: I really wanted to watch this film when it was first released in 2003 so I'm glad to finally got to watch it in 2015. Brilliantly done! I have a deep appreciation for films that are based on true stories and tell them those stories in very engaging and penetrating way. Those are some of the most engrossing film projects and this one is no exception. It's a very revealing look into drug gang violence in 1970s Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and one particular gang war that became famous thanks to a kid's passion for photography and his new job at a newspaper.

bill s (us) wrote: The depth to these characters is amazing in this bittersweet drama.

Manch F (us) wrote: Better and truer to the dark tone of the comics than the stupid MCU Hulk. You can't beat Ang Lee's character driven direction.

Grant H (nl) wrote: Good movie. Funny, entertaining, with great performances from its cast, especially Voight and Lester.

Bobb B (de) wrote: More like "Mishima - A real good movie in Four Chapters"

Brett H (ca) wrote: The Bronze is a hilarious, and totally raunchy comedy that centers on a crass and foul-mouthed gymnast who takes on a young protg to scheme herself into a large sum of money. It's essentially Bad Santa featuring the untapped world of professional gymnastics. The film stars Melissa Rauch (Bernadette from Big Bang Theory) who co-wrote the film with her husband Winston Rauch, and they hold nothing back, going to outrageous lengths at time to get laughs, and it usually worked! Rauch is hysterical as a bitter, jobless, woman-child and she has great rapport with her enabling father played by veteran character actor Gary Cole. Also starring is Sebastian Stan as a rival gymnast, as well as Haley Lu Richardson as Rauch's protg and Thomas Middleditch as a dweeb, gym owner with a compulsive blinking habit, nicknamed "twitchy". If you enjoy mean-spirited humour as much as me, then this is the movie for you because the non-stop vulgarity and side-splitting insults KILLED me throughout. The story plays out mostly as you'd expect, save for a couple of curveballs the film throws at you - such as an INSANE drunken rendezvous between Sebastian Stan and Melissa Rauch that had me nearly on the floor gasping for air from laughing! The gymnast sex scene in this film is one of the all-time funniest sex scenes I've ever seen with an entire routine incorporated full of flips, spins and even gymnast rings - it nearly rivals the puppet sex scene from Team America! Obviously this film doesn't break new ground and it's far from perfect, but it was consistently funny and I enjoyed it immensely.