Asesinato en febrero

Asesinato en febrero

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Scott W (fr) wrote: I had forgotten how funny this movie was! What a gem from the past.

John H (it) wrote: really cool adaptation of peter pan, kind of twisted in a goth kind of way

Andy C (gb) wrote: After the Great Depression, audiences needed a happy, upbeat tale of love on the south seas. Aw yeah.

Mikaela K (nl) wrote: I love They Might Be Giants, and am always open to learning more about them. AWESOME.

Blae T (ag) wrote: While nothing like the book, if you take it for what it is, it really is a good movie.

Rolynn S (ca) wrote: no y dont these people get it i dont want 2 c it if theres not a pic. hellow

Taylor P (nl) wrote: exciting, better than Twister in my opinion

phil d (br) wrote: Compelling, dark and one of the most unexpected endings ever!

Timothy N (ru) wrote: It's, not, "Stunning".. But Watchable, once; Yeah!..

Elena L (nl) wrote: This one tickes all the boxes. It's a great movie.

Jason K (au) wrote: I have to adore a filmmaker who was so concerned about the importance of morals that he made six films on the subject.What I love about his Love in the Afternoon (Chloe in the Afternoon if you want to be American about it) is that it acknowledges and accepts the universal, never ending temptation of polygamy owed to chance encounters (and re-encounters) but takes a stand for monogamy - and during the middle of the sexual revolution! Rohmer: I need more of you in my life and now.

Jacob M (br) wrote: Oh baby, what a noir.

Benjamin W (nl) wrote: The stark contrast between the organic non-technological life and one run by stark, sterile automation ends up being a laugh riot of slapstick fun in this French film. In fact, one probably doesn't even need subtitles when watching this comedy, as most of the gags are visual and are understood by everyone, thereby eliminating the language barrier. Comedy: a grand unifier.Of course, for it's time, "Mon Oncle" certainly felt like one of the classics of silent American cinema. If Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton didn't have an influence on this film, I would be greatly surprised.

Anthony I (kr) wrote: What's a hangout movie? It's the kind of film where all of the characters feel like you know them. They were your friends in high school, friends you haven't seen in a long time. Dazed and Confused is that kind of movie. It doesn't have a big story, and it's not something to overanalyze in a film school discussion, it's just an awesome movie. It's all about high school in the 70's, and their standing in the social hierarchy. The jocks, the popular girls, the nerds, the hippies, the stoners and right in between you have Matthew McConaughey in his first role. Alright, Alright, Alright. We even have Ben Affleck in his debut role as the creep with the paddle. It's never really explained why he has such a fetish for spanking freshman boys, but it's assumed that's what bullies did back then. Odd. Don't forget about that soundtrack. It's as amazing as most 70's period piece films are.

Samantha S (de) wrote: Great cast, unique movie premise. Interesting to see a female protagonist and now that I'm seeing that the director is a woman this makes even more sense.