Ashchorjyo Prodeep

Ashchorjyo Prodeep

The story of a modern day Aladdin, set against the backdrop of contemporary consumer society

The story of a modern day Aladdin, set against the backdrop of contemporary consumer society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter P (de) wrote: Interesting concept and it looks decent enough, plus the kids did come off as super creepy. It does kinda leave it on a cliffhanger though as to what was actually going on.

Becky C (jp) wrote: The dancing was weak and the plot was a joke. I was really hoping fromt he previews that it would have been amazing but nope.

Daina D (ag) wrote: Anyone who claims to be a singer and is devoted to peace and democracy should see this movie. An excellent historical account on the freedom cry of the the Baltic people. One only wishes all wars could be settled by such a sing off!

Shannon R (ag) wrote: An interesting premise but too much action and not enough of anything else to keep my attention.

Wayne T (nl) wrote: another soso Asian action movie

Phil S (de) wrote: I really enjoyed the first half of Mesrine, so I had high expectation for the second half. I was sorely disappointed. Cassel is still mesmerizing, but the pacing of the movie is way off for me. I found myself repeatedly falling asleep and for the last 30 minutes I just kept thinking that I wished it was over so that I could go to bed.

Sanskar N (ca) wrote: awesome movie...perfect blend of emotions....reminds me of my dad always.

Brody M (mx) wrote: Tupac was good in this film as usual but I just hated Above The Rim.I liked all of Tupac's movies except for this 1 & Poetic Justice.The only good thing I can think of to say about this movie is that Tupac was in it & Bernie Mac was good as Flip

Ker Malkin G (ru) wrote: Occasionally funny but a bit too silly for my liking.

Kurt N (it) wrote: I liked this movie a lot. I can definitely see how it was very progressive for the time it came out, and the performances by the primary cast is rock solid. Having said that, the appearance of Jay and Silent Bob in the film is so arbitrarily put in that it just seems abrupt. Furthermore, Chris Smith trying to act "casual, but philosophically impactful," is so unnatural. I'm not saying he isn't this way, it's just that watching his performance I am so consciously aware that he is acting that it takes away from whatever message he's actually trying to convey is diluted. Considering that this is supposed to be the climax of the story--both revealing why the movie is called what it is called, and to have the main character essentially have an epiphany, it just falls flat.

Carla M (au) wrote: A great movie with a great message!

Cindy T (br) wrote: It's a sweet formula romantic movie. Vanessa Redgrave was luminous. There needs to be a complex movie just for Redgrave and her husband, Franco Nero.

Kim M (kr) wrote: Confusing and weird. And not in a good way. Skip it.

James L (ag) wrote: So many holes in the plot, dialogue, director's choice of shots and the sound was awful, even the ADR was bad. However, this was a very promising first-timer low budget movie making. Hope the next film they make becomes even more promising.

Helena K (mx) wrote: Gripping. Blake Lively is pretty badass.