Ashes from the Sun

Ashes from the Sun

Environmental drama set in Asturias, Spain. A Scottish travel writer is forced to stay in a valley town in northern Spain when his camper van breaks down. There he gets to know the different inhabitants, some of them struggling to close down the nearby power station and some trying to make it more prosperous.

Environmental drama set in Asturias, Spain. A Scottish travel writer is forced to stay in a valley town in northern Spain when his camper van breaks down. There he gets to know the different inhabitants, some of them struggling to close down the nearby power station and some trying to make it more prosperous. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John T (fr) wrote: I did not think this is even close to the best of these, but I am glad they were able to continue it. This one jumps back and forth to where Reggie is jumping back and forth between an insane asylum and the word taken over by the tall man. It leaves a lot of holes. From the last movie, I'm not sure the whole connection of going back in time and seeing how it started. And you are left wondering which word is real. Still, it was great to see the whole cast together and to finally end the series. I really did enjoy this one. This was 38 years after the first one. So it is really awesome to see how the original cast has grown.

Michael C (it) wrote: Camp X-Ray is a very good film, it really is. Now is it perfect, not really. There are scenes that really dont have to be there and really would not have impacted the film much if cut. now where this film strives is in the writers room and the cast in front of you. The film was both written and directed by Peter Sattler and although this was his first time out he was able to create an interesting story with dialog that didn't feel forced. The performances are solid from everyone involved especially from Peyman Moadi who plays Ali. Kristen Stuart did what she had to do but it wasn't anything we haven't seen her do before. The supporting cast who played the detainees were effective in creating this environment that is gruesome, aggressive and at times disgusting. Now with that being said i wish they did show more of the other detainees and spent just a tad more time on the environment within Guantanamo Bay. Overall the film is a good watch and a very good first debut for Peter Sattler.

Sandra A (au) wrote: Entertaining thriller about a lawyer and a crimininal ...Darn rocks!

Ruthie R (br) wrote: The only redeeming quality this has, is how absolutely hilarious Asia Argento's acting is.

Jarrett M (au) wrote: Re-cut certainly had the potential to be an interesting movie, and assuming that it is a first effort from the director, it is a decent, if not entirely coherent attempt. The movie is however, hampered by standard horror movie cliches, and the characters often say or do things that it seems no sane person would do. The movie feels a little lost and rambling over the majority of it's running time, and when we are finally shown what is actually going on, there really isn't any reason to care. The characters have really no developement and aren't all that likeable, so when they are put in danger, we have no real reason to care about their fates. There are several other movies with the handheld, found footage style that do it way better (nearly all of them, I think) than this one, and there really isn't anything new and exciting here to draw you in as a viewer. Little tension, little scares, next to no blood or gore, characters you don't care about, and the obligatory twist at the end that everyone should see coming from miles away. If you really are interested and it seems right up your alley, check it out, but I can't really recommend it.

Tatyana C (fr) wrote: I love this movie it awesome

Ine N (es) wrote: lousy graphics and too mean storyline [even though it ends up "love conquers all"]

Nick D (mx) wrote: Sorry ??, ?' ? ?, ? ? ????? ??? ? ?? . ? ? ? ?? ??? ???? ?? ? 15-20 . ? ????? ? ? ??? ? ? ?? ? "??" ?? ?? ???. ?. ????? ? ?. ?? ?? ? ? ? ???. ? ? 1944 / 1989 ? ??. ?? ??? ???, ? ? ??????.

Eslam A (nl) wrote: Rani was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute ..

Tyler E (kr) wrote: I love this movie. Don't know what everyone could hate about it. I'll admit the live part of it is sorta lame but you gotta love the stereotypical good cop-bad cop save the day cellular style.

Marcus W (it) wrote: Dustin Hoffman steals this sharp political satire.

Claire T (ru) wrote: it was ok but expected better, it was a little weird, but I don't think I'll watch it again though, I expected better from John Travolta, it was ok but I don't want this movie on DVD

Crystal G (es) wrote: Hahaha this used to be my fave too when little. Oh the 90s.

Heather M (br) wrote: Tarzan versus leopard cultists.

M K (ag) wrote: This was an FX original movie that came out last year. Karen brought the video home because she wanted to find out more about the guy and all the controversy that's been generated. The movie plays like a low budget, made-for-TV, but was entertaining, especially the work of Jamie Foxx, which only continues to get better. The movie left me thinking - did I get the whole story or did am I being manipulated? For example, the killings that put Tookie in jail were just a fleeting slo-mo - no facts were offered. Movie aside, the issue gets to the heart of capitial punishment as a mean of dispensing justice. Can a person committing the ultimate crime be redeemed through community service having worldwide impact? If this case does not demonstrate "rehabilitation", does "rehabilitation" have any meaning at all in America's penal system? It seems as if each death row case needs to be reviewed and scrutinized very carefully on a case-by-case basis before state-sponsored killing can be justified. There is plenty to consider here before another life can rightfully be taken.

Jonathan B (br) wrote: Doug McClure and men in rubber pretending to be monsters. What more could I ask for? Doug McClure in rubber maybe?

Patrick W (de) wrote: Unapologetic and brutally honest, smart and offbeat.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Monday, January 13, 2014 (2011) Inkubus HORROR Low budget and straight to rental, co-written and directed by Glenn Ciano starring Joey Fatone as Detective Tom Caretti who's stuck in an insane asylum with a therapist who's trying to put some sense into him. Tom either then tells a story about why he's like this which involves frequent murders involving someone who acts like a serial killer or like Jack The Ripper. He calls himself 'Inkubus' which it's supposed to be spelled 'Incubus', he's played by Robert Englund who's best known as Freddy Krueger of the "Nightmare On elm Street" movies. Inkubus blatantly walks into a police station carrying a girls head. Now at this point you can tell that the movie is very low budget since the area that they're using doesn't even look like a police station. Reusing only the few characters that they have as law enforcers for theirs like absolutely no extras at all. (Contains spoilers) Anyways, as it turns out the Joey Fatone character that's being locked up into an insane asylum has been informed that they're no signs that this Inkubus was ever present and that it was all in his imagination, for the mental breakdown was a result of his wife's unfortunate demise suffering after a miscarriage. Bomb

Darin P (it) wrote: Poorly scripted, poorly plotted, horrendously acted, if you can call it acting, and abysmal special effects. Give this one a miss.

Sean L (ca) wrote: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan prove three's far from a charm in this limp, flat, by-the-numbers romantic comedy, their third (and last) such collaboration. Ryan plays the owner of a small children's bookstore who, when her shop comes under fire from a big-box retailer around the corner, finds solace in the advice of an anonymous e-mail buddy. Spoiler alert, said buddy turns out to be the billionaire owner of said retailer (Hanks), and the two dance around like marionettes with a sliced string or two for the next two hours, narrowly avoiding each other's identities while gnashing teeth and slinging mud in the press. It's an irritating story, filled with irritating people doing irritating things. Hanks and Ryan are locked in on cruise control, looking down their noses at the material (and, perhaps, at the doofs who actually make such online connections), and enjoy none of the easy chemistry and warm charm they enjoyed in Joe Versus the Volcano or, to a lesser extent, Sleepless in Seattle. The '90s mascara is caked on thick, too, with eye-rolling mainstream rock soundtrack choices, cookie cutter casting stereotypes and an era-typical Hollywood take on all things cyber. It's bad, empty, corporate-friendly trash.