Film starring Nargis, Raj Kapoor and Shivraj

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Ashiana torrent reviews

Ninjaw P (it) wrote: Une comedie dgueulasse sur le pseudo amour moderne, ridicule, et carrment vulgaire, frise le ridicule, et la haine envers les animaux.

Vincent P (us) wrote: The second half (i.e. the half that doesn't offer up endless conflict for conflict's sake) is actually pretty suspenseful... But then it all just ends unhappily and so many things are left unexplained and unexplored. I'd call it lazy writing but I highly doubt there was more than three pages worth of outline because lines just get repeated over and over and over again...

Ian J (au) wrote: Approach this like the live action cartoon that it is and you may actually enjoy the funny parts. It's the little things that save this film. The biggest mistake is marketing it as a pot movie.

Carly J (de) wrote: Very eye opening, disturbing, heartbreaking and powerful.

Steve N (nl) wrote: melodramas just dont get old. though the story is unoriginal the movie is very moving and sends you through an emotional rollercoster. a great movie.

Jared M (jp) wrote: One of the first and only tolerable Pamela Lee movies.,

Kevin R (nl) wrote: Days of bravery and cruelty Lieutenant Britton Davis is a fresh face on the battle field and finds himself highly involved during a time when Indians are just getting settled on the reservations. Geronimo is one of the last Indians to surrender to the army; but shortly after arriving on the reservation, he decides it's not all it is cracked up to be. Geronimo decides to lead men against the very army that assigned his people to the reservations. The Army assigns a small group of men, including Lt. Britton, to track down Geronimo and bring him to justice. "Some Apache are good farmers and some miss the old way. I am not a good farmer." Walter Hill, director of Red Heat, Last Man Standing, Wild Bill, Supernova, 48hrs, Another 48hrs, Trespass, The Warriors, and Southern Comfort, delivers Geronimo: An American Legend. The storyline for this film is fairly straightforward and well told. The film is not overly dramatic and the action scenes are predictable and straightforward. The acting is stellar and the cast includes Matt Damon, Jason Patric, Robert Duvalle, Gene Hackman, and Wes Studi. "You don't know who you're fighting for and you don't hate who you're fighting against." I always find it fun to watch old Roger Corman and Walter Hill pictures (even their legit pictures feel like 'B' movies). This was an entertaining movie that didn't have enough style and intensity. I did enjoy this movie and felt the characters, acting, and script were solid. this just didn't have enough "it" moments that had me feeling anything special about this movie. This is worth watching but is surely not a must see. "He was much admired by his peers and much respected by his superiors." Grade: C+

Cody C (jp) wrote: Not as good as 2, but certainly worth watching. If they showed more gore it'd be just as good, but too much is implied gore, likely due to low budget.

Simon F (kr) wrote: I loved this movie when I saw it as a kid, watched it recently and it's still got it although the effects are very dated

Jussi T (fr) wrote: Certainly not Born Finnish. Take me, Hollywood! It's just a flesh wound!

Justin D (mx) wrote: The one with the five deadly venoms.

Rian P (br) wrote: One of the greatest works of the holocaust ever committed to celluloid.

Jeshwanth P (it) wrote: A really great coming of age tale about a boy who had a rough childhood. Leonardo Dicaprio really gave one of his best performances. He did more than that is expected at his age. He got helluva talent in his early times. You can expect his future after watching this movie. And another person to talk here is Robert De Niro who convinced me with his acting as bad ass. The movie is really heart touching. I recommend this to everyone.