Embodies the Hind Sabri in the events of the movie character girl suffering from HIV AIDS and decide not to surrender his Vtjud violent war against him, whether to seek treatment for themselves or bring hope in the hearts of all who have the disease dreaded, and gradually be able to achieve many of its goals and, following the events.

A woman who suffers from AIDS decides not to surrender to the fatal disease. She exerts huge efforts in trying to recover or by helping those who suffer the same disease by giving them glimmers of hope. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Asmaa torrent reviews

Dion S (ru) wrote: Absolutely entertaining. I had no idea Mike was such an entertainer!

Josh C (fr) wrote: Even if you aren't into artsy movies, as we listen to the poetic internal monologue of Alan Rickman's character, it is hard not to be compelled by his voice alone. For those who appreciate poetry, it is unique, emotive, and even a little funny in places, acted out by two brilliant actors we know and love.

Ash K (ca) wrote: Didn't do it for me but great cast.

Alexander N (it) wrote: Sam Jackson does a good turn here. For once, he's playing someone other than Sam Jackson. This movie is as unworthy of his performance as it is of being watched by anyone, ever. Total drippy schlocky shit. A paint by numbers story of redemption, obviously. Avoid.

John B (es) wrote: A farce involving the director I love to hate..Werner Herzog. Here Werner enjoys poking fun at his own efforts with an interesting cast of characters. The anti-documentary.

Carlos N Mercedes R (ag) wrote: one of the funniest movies ever

Stef (ag) wrote: Morgan Freeman AND James Caviezel? Yes, please. Ashley Judd? Meh. That same old "the military is the root of all evil" meme? No thanks. What I guess is supposed to pass for a twist ending? ...Huh.

Matt R (fr) wrote: This is one of the those movies that is a hell of a lot of fun upon first viewing, but sadly there isn't a lot rewatchability. When suspense is everything, knowledge of events to come can be a buzz kill.

Scott M (nl) wrote: A movie about drug addiction. The rise, and the hard fall. Really well edited. Of course Ellen Burstyn is amazing. One of my all time favorites.

Katie L (gb) wrote: pretty good version, Donny Osmond still a bit cheesy but it is Andrew lloyd webber so...

Michael T (us) wrote: The world's first shockumentary is not very shocking anymore.

Karen M (kr) wrote: I love this movie! One of my favorites.

Spencer P (gb) wrote: Remarkably crafted across the filmmaking board with an eye for honesty, this historical picture of the ghettos of Mexico is one that begs us to wonder if progress may ever be made with criminal systems.

Wes S (ru) wrote: The second sequel to Dracula has a hard time taking off. It's not Chaney's most memorable role, or a great Dracula. The plot is some decent bits, but it drags on for most of the time. The characters are too recycled.

Jouni K (fr) wrote: Movie about a melon farmer who did gave up.

Eric H (nl) wrote: It's really tough for actors to transcend bad material and the horribly predictable screenplay by Ronald Bass really reinforces that in "Sleeping With the Enemy," It does what I like to call the "When a Stranger Calls" crap-out: for the first fifteen minutes, it's pretty engaging, and the last fifteen minutes are about the same. And in between is a boatload of Lifetime-caliber melodrama, and virtually nothing believable or interesting happening on screen.

Shaeffer C (de) wrote: Good movie, based on a Robert A. Heinlein story. If you like sci-fi and war movies, here's your perfect mix.

Thomas P (es) wrote: Meh.An Ok camaraderie caper, filmed in familiar places to me around Buffalo and Niagara Falls, but not enough gas to keep my attention when it falls into a cliched paper bag that the writers don't bother to fight their way out of.All the f-bombs are unnecessary for this so-called comedy, and only make it more excruciating to tolerate this by-the-numbers affair. Finally, it falls apart completely in the third act bc it's treated as a cliche that we have seen done better and much more hilariously in several other caper comedies already - go see American Hustle to see how it's done right. And if you saw AH before, it's worth it to see again - skip this.So, Buffalo/Niagara - I love you, but this is no fitting tribute - sorry guys.2 shots to the foot out of 5

Angelo S (de) wrote: Very '90s but super intense gaslight thriller. My heart's still racing.