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Asphalt torrent reviews

Kevin M (de) wrote: Enjoyed this movie great Boxing movie about Duran

Giuseppe P (ag) wrote: Elio Germano molto bravo, l'ambientazione particolare nei cantieri edilizi romani. Drammatico quanto basta e noioso.

Benoit H (ag) wrote: Un autre film de ip man mais trs beau visuellement et les scnes trs bien quohegraphier

Nacho P (us) wrote: The promising begining drives you to deception...and then to shit

Ava P (it) wrote: The best part of this movie is when they mix the animation and the real life scenes to kind of show how Beatrix Potter thinks.

Jenna H (mx) wrote: ewwww french movies r always bad

Aephraim S (us) wrote: Very enjoyable film, but though it styles itself something more, I don't think it really was. This disappointment may be leading me to stiff it by half a star or so... I certainly recommend watching it in any case.

Josh X H (es) wrote: Very slow moving but very funny and kind of gripping. Although this is a documentary and you know they aren't, you can't help but wonder if the best showcased are characters. Haha.

Raelene S (ca) wrote: I like the song that goes with this film, well i like the film too, lacked something not sure what but still well worth a watch if you like this kind of thing (which i do).

Steve B (es) wrote: This would certainly have been a top flick but only stills remains of the original... Chaney seemed good in a dual role and this was his biggest success with director Tod Browning.

Marjee y (ru) wrote: This just... excites me to no end.

Lovro H (de) wrote: Predictable, dull, boring and plotless! This is one of the worst 'slasher' movies ever! It started off good, but the more it got to the end the harder it was to resist the urge of closing the movie and never finishing it again! I wish I had closed it because the ending was horrible! It was so predictable and boring that I won't even recommend this movie to anyone. It's a complete waste of time...

Jake Z (gb) wrote: Oh how I miss the days when Tim Burton relied on practical effects and gorgeously mounted sets. Sleepy Hollow is a Burton classic.

Karrald G (jp) wrote: This is an interesting movie about judgements and sisterly love