Assassin's Bullet

Assassin's Bullet

In Assassin's Bullet, Slater plays Robert Diggs, a black ops agent who comes to work for Ambassador Ashdown (Hunger Games star Donald Sutherland), tracking down a vigilante assassin in Eastern Europe. The maverick hit(wo)man has been taking out high-profile targets on the U.S. hit list, and Diggs must uncover the killer's identity before there's an international incident. The usual game of cat and mouse ensues.

Field Agent Robert Diggs walked away from his career in the FBI and accepted the position of Cultural Attaché in Sofia, Bulgaria for one reason: to escape the memories of his wife's death ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Assassin's Bullet torrent reviews

Kevin H (ag) wrote: This was a good movie. Probably only watch it once. The story is good but really depressing. I wold suggest renting it.

John A (mx) wrote: an interesting look at the one union i refuse to back.

Brett B (us) wrote: This movie has a solid plot, characters, and intrigue to make it worth a watch. With that said it is very hard to believe the setting as a high school. JGL's character and friends talk in a way that doesn't seem realistic and each of them seem to be a lot smarter, "slick, and organized than any high schooler I ever knew or interacted with. If you can suspend belief for the entire movie its more enjoyable, but it really struck me as implausible as it was presented.

Juan E (au) wrote: Bacon as always, great.

Ken D (kr) wrote: A movie with lame humor and a story that goes nowhere. Don't be fooled by the big names on the cover!

Trent R (it) wrote: Even the dirt-cheap double feature DVD from Anchor Bay that pairs this with Deodato's Cut and Run includes the amiable and self-deprecating commentary by Trenchard-Smith. Now, if only contemporary drive-ins would still show these movies...

Sally L (it) wrote: it was actually 1974 the film, I remember seeing it as an 11 year old, good kids film