Assassin Robert Rath arrives at a funeral to kill a prominent mobster, only to witness a rival hired gun complete the job for him -- with grisly results. Horrified by the murder of innocent bystanders, Rath decides to take one last job and then return to civilian life. But finding his way out of the world of contract killing grows ever more dangerous as Rath falls for his female target and becomes a marked man himself.

Robert Rath is a seasoned hitman who just wants out of the business with no back talk. But, as things go, it ain't so easy. A younger, peppier assassin named Bain is having a field day trying to kill said older assassin. Rath teams up with a computer hacker named Electra to defeat the obsessed Bain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Quincy J (nl) wrote: This on was very much on point giving great overview about Night of the Living and Dead and history behind.

Nasrey J (it) wrote: "When you started filming, we are in the tops of the world. Now, we..."

Harley Q (jp) wrote: Not my type of film. It was unnecessary to be so gory and crude. Great actors in it, but no performance came close to saving this movie.

Stephen S (fr) wrote: After a very long wait this finally came out on Comcast On Demand. I have heard terrible things about this movie but it actually was one of the better horrorfest movies if that says much of anything. It had a common theme of bad things happening to bad people which is always enjoyable in a horror movie setting. It is hard to say who this would really appeal to since it didn't seem like a traditional horror movie.

Scott G (nl) wrote: One of the worst video game made into a film. It just sucks big time. The film didn't kill Jolie's career like I thought it did, but it did hurt it for a while. The dumbest thing in the film is when she punched the shark. How Roger Ebert like this is beyond me.

intuciic (jp) wrote: great movie! what is reality? and how you know that what you see now, where you are now is real? what if that all is just a game? what if all around you is not real? what is just your imagination??

Ifiok O (jp) wrote: With a movie starring two Wayans brother, you should already know that this movie's comedy never gives you much of a payoff.

Miguel R (us) wrote: With extraordinary performances from Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton, Becket is a compelling historical piece, detailing the relationship between King Henry II and Thomas Becket, even if it can get a bit tedious from its running time

Jim B (jp) wrote: In my nearly 50 years, this is definitely one of the top 10 movies I have seen. I did not see it until 9 years after it came out. It seems now quite prescient.

Connor S (es) wrote: I'm a die hard football fan and I couldn't buy anything this movie was trying to sell. Uninteresting and forced romance along with unbelievable characters and finale make sure Draft Day is a bust.

Loren R (de) wrote: Ein gut erzhlter Film der legendren Artus Sage! Sehr gut in Szene gesetzt und mit vielen Phantasie Bildern voll gespickt. Lustig sind die Szenen mit dem jungen Liam Neeson. Auch Helen Mirren sieht ziemlich scharf aus! Zwischendurch gibt es ein paar Einstellungen, die wieder zu verhalten sind und die Geschichte ein bisschen abbremst. Sonst ein guter Fantasy Streifen fr einen langweiligen Sonntag!

Jeffrey S (us) wrote: Bill Murray at his best!