Asterix and the Big Fight

Asterix and the Big Fight

Gaullish custom requires that a would-be chief must challenge and defeat another to become the leader of two tribes. Vitalstatistix is not perturbed because of Getafix's magic potion. Getafix, however has an accident and forgets how to make it. Then Vitalstatistix is suddenly challenged.

The druid is accidentally hit by a menhir thrown by Obelix and loses his mind and memory. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan D (nl) wrote: Cute and the Boxer are a married pair of aged, Japanese artists who've been living and struggling in NYC for more than the past forty years. Ushio Shinohara is "The Boxer" because of his abstract expressionist works made by dipping sponges tied to boxing gloves into paint, and then thrusting them into a giant canvas. "Cutie" is the alter ego of his much-younger wife, Noriko Shinohara. She paints cartoonish stories featuring this character, and her mate, curiously named "Bullie".They've got a tough marriage and a tough life. Ushio is in an interesting middle-zone for an artist. He's respected enough to get gallery exhibits and to live off his art, but struggling enough to never be sure where his next dollar is coming from. Noriko met him in NYC when she was young and impressionable. She became pregnant and they married - but there is always a sense of her feeling that her marriage to Ushio is a struggle. He uses her, takes her for granted, has been through an alcoholic phase, and he's a bit of an emotional pugilist as well.I never quite warmed up to these folks or quite felt I knew why these of all people would be the subject of a documentary. I do think that this movie may appeal more to women than men - who may relate to the difficulty of attempting to assert and find themselves, especially in the shadow of a strong, sometimes insolent, personality.

intuciic (ca) wrote: quite typical, funny in places

Jason L (gb) wrote: Not terrible, but still somewhat disappointing. If I didn't know about the source material, I would probably be even more put off. If you're looking for a hipster independent film about a young "closet Christian" trying to fit in at one of the most liberal colleges in America, then you might enjoy it. If you've read the book, you might enjoy it. If neither of those things appeal to you, skip it.

Karla H (ru) wrote: This is my favorite movie I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Frances H (ag) wrote: Mankind's cruelty to his own kind never ceases to horrify me. How can one love his own family and not realize that others love their own just as much? How can you love any child, and then turn around and kill the child of another? I'll never understand this. Shot Through the Heart is a powerful film that deals with these issues. What separates the two main characters is not as this site says, "political and religious issues," but the fact that one character is okay with being a sniper who kills innocent women and children, because they were born in a different religion or ethnic group, and the other character is not--he kills only those who are targeting these innocent victims.

Laura L (br) wrote: great movie got it on vhs and dvd if youlove to shake it you will love this x

Edith N (mx) wrote: Not How Real Sexuality Works You know, I almost don't know where to start with this movie. The place most people seem to go is that the second half doesn't seem to belong to the first half, and that's not a bad place to start. It really, really doesn't. However, by the time we got anywhere near the second half, I was already having a hard time with the movie. I'm not entirely sure why I finished watching it; I've turned off better movies in the last few days that just didn't interest me. This one actively bothered me. My only defense for watching it the same way is that I want to warn other people against what some people think is a whimsical French sex comedy, and it's true that part of my interest was in writing a negative review, which I don't think I do often enough. (It's that whole turning off bad movies thing.) However, I have to confess that the main reason I finished watching it was that I was too lazy to get up. It's why I watch worse movies on DVD than streaming. Monique (Miou-Miou) is at a nightclub, yelling at her husband, Antoine (Michel Blanc). Bob (Grard Depardieu) overhears their argument and slaps her. Somehow, the threesome end up hanging out together. Then, they start breaking into houses. Monique resents her life with Antoine, because she doesn't feel she's getting the good things in life that she deserves. So they get them from rich people, and things happen. They're held at gunpoint by the wealthiest people in Paris, over and over. Bob is an ex-con, and he says that, while in prison, he developed an interest in men, and he's interested in Antoine. Up until this moment, Antoine has been straight to the point of homophobic, but a series of strange happenings result in his ending up with Bob, and Monique takes off. Eventually, Antoine ends up dressing as a woman for Bob, because that's obviously what all gay men want--a really ugly drag queen. I don't know which is worse in this movie, the homophobia or the misogyny. I mean, there's the obvious fact that no one seems to have heard of bisexuality--either you're a straight man or you're someone's wife. Sex is all penetrative, and the same person always takes it. (Maybe Antoine and Monique's marriage could have been saved by pegging?) And even if you're the one penetrating, you, too, will end up in a wig. Apparently. It's also said that everyone who's taking penetration has to force themselves to want it. This may be a generalization, because it's only expressly said to be true by two people, but since there are only three well-developed characters in the movie in the first place (and that's putting it loosely), and they're the only two to really express an opinion, it's hard not to think that the movie is sharing the filmmakers' opinion. It goes a bit beyond homophobia, honestly; it's a distaste for sex in general. It's all very sordid and unpleasant, and I don't think any of these people would know a functional relationship if they tripped over it. And then there's that wife thing. After Bob and Antoine become a couple, Monique stays with them and does literally everything for them. She tells them that dinner will be ready at eight, and Bob throws a fit when that turns out to mean 8:05. She's asked what she did all day, and she did more than I get done in a week. But it isn't enough. And it's not as though Bob and Antoine were out at work, because no one in this movie seems to have even considered a day job. I mean, Bob actually sells Monique to a friend of his, and she goes off to become a (bad) prostitute. And after that happens, Bob shapes Antoine into the woman he wants, even getting him to shave off his moustache and dress in full-on drag. Oh, and then, he goes off to have a fling with someone else. Heck, the movie introduces Bob by having him slap Monique, and he expresses the opinion that all women need to have that done to them now and again. There were a few funny moments to this movie, and there were a few places where it might have gone somewhere interesting. Instead, what we have is a horrible mishmash of a film. Any character development is thrown aside at the point at which the trio set up housekeeping, and it goes to true insanity at the point at which Bob (without, it should be noted, her knowledge) sells Monique. I do believe that it's possible that Antoine was hiding bisexuality in homophobia, but I also believe that he was interested enough in Monique that it proved he wasn't completely gay. And in fact, if Bob weren't a total sociopath, it would not have been impossible to have a relationship wherein everyone slept with each other. (Though Antoine also rejects the idea completely.) However, this movie isn't interested in exploring anyone's real feelings or interests. It's telling what it thinks is an entertaining story. And maybe it would be, if it had been people other than someone's cruel and heedless stereotypes.

Ken S (ag) wrote: Michael Keaton comedy from the early 80s about a guy who gets laid off, and ends up a house husband when his wife gets a job before he does. It is a dated concept, but pretty harmless and has it's moments. I like Keaton, so that probably played a big role in me liking this one as much as I did. Not John Hughes best script, but serviceable for a simple comedy.

Brad S (fr) wrote: This is an interesting film from Ingmar Bergman from his later period. It took me a while to get into this film, and to be honest, not sure I full understand everything about it, but I was hooked. Seems to me it deals with isolation and relationships, but there are some additional aspects that aren't fully answered such as some animal killings where the lead characters live. I thought both Liv Ullman and Max Von Sydow were excellent. This is one of Bergman's films that I think I will have to have another viewing of to get even more of an understanding out it it. Recommended!

Stephanie F (gb) wrote: Now I love Grant but I was hoping there wouldn't be too much Curtis-sadly there was although he wasn't as annoying as he might have been. The Seaman Hornsby bit was hysterical. It's also annoying that Grant ends up with such a loser-definitely beneath him.

Bradley H (br) wrote: The film seems to be missing half of its plot as the political machinations are only alluded to and rarely explored.

Andrew B (ru) wrote: Some genuinely funny moments here.

Clare W (gb) wrote: pretty good movie imo

Margarita S (de) wrote: This movie captures the realism of the teenage years while incorporating mostly believable supernatural elements. Instead of focusing on why these kids obtained certain powers, it is an interesting character-study on the outcome of their having the powers. A nicely executed angle. The last quarter of the movie switches tone considerably and we end up with a final flourish of action-sequences and special effects that aren't really necessary.

James D (kr) wrote: This movie is just like the first one but better.