Asterix and the Vikings

Asterix and the Vikings

Asterix and Obelix have been given a tough mission: Transform the chief's lazy nephew Justforkix into a warrior. When the Vikings abduct him and bring him back to their homeland, Asterix and Obelix must travel to Norway to rescue Justforkix.

After another raid in an empty village, the chief of the Vikings Timandahaf misunderstands the explanation of his druid Cryptograf that "fear gives wings to the dwellers" and believes that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Asterix and the Vikings torrent reviews

Liana H (mx) wrote: worst movie i've ever seen. acting? horrible. writing? elementary. plotline? nonexistent. action? none to speak of. the makeup looks like it was done by a junior high student. the music is the only thing in this movie that tells you how to feel, and most of the time it's wrong, because NOTHING HAPPENS. i like myself a little less for having watched this movie.

Dakota D (kr) wrote: This story is mildly amusing with the possibility of the twins meeting and having some sort of resolution, but when that resolution did not happen I was very unamused and felt as if I had wasted several hours.

Alexander C (br) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Jonathon P (es) wrote: Has some fun parts, but not quite as consistent of an action movie as the first one.

Adam H (ag) wrote: I?ve known Tim Blake Nelson for years as a character actor. I?ve seen him in many films (O Brother, Wher Art Thou,Minority Report,The Thin Red Line), but I?ve never known that he directed. Watching Nelson?s The Grey Zone was a harrowing experience. It is essentially an exercise in human morality. How far will one go to save his or her own life? Nelson claims he did not set out to make a historical film or a Holocaust film; he just wanted to answer that question. He has succeeded. In his film emotions are meaningless and human beings are merely cargo. Jews sell out Jews in the name of survival. The majority of the film is filled with graphic depictions of atrocities being committed. It is very desensitizing. Nelson just pummels us with one horrible image after another. He uses a hand-held camera in the gas chamber scenes to make us feel as if we are actually there. He is striving for realism. But, by the time the final act of the film rolls around, the audience is indifferent. Nelson adds a sub-plot about a girl who survived the gas chamber which is supposed to humanize our protagonists before their executions. This hurts the final product. The film?s characters are generally one-dimensional until the final act when we get to see their human sides. The dialogue of the film is somewhat out of place. The characters sound as if they are in a 40?s noir film. I kept waiting for Humphrey Bogart to make an appearance. There are two main plots which seem to interweave, though they are hard to follow. This is due to the lightning quick pace of the dialogue. The accents which the actors use are puzzling. The film is in English, although we are informed that they are all actually speaking either Hungarian or German. Nelson probably wanted to avoid using subtitles as that often takes away from the audience involvement in a film. However, Harvey Keitel uses a thick German accent while all the other actors us American accents. It?s just strange. It also makes Keitel?s character seem like a caricature. Although The Grey Zone has a plot which gets somewhat convoluted down the stretch and the dialogue and the accents are off-putting, its imagery is still incredibly striking. It is not often when I am actually numbed by a film. Nelson had created a cold, heartless film about the brutal nature of survival, but he decided to send the audience a reprieve in the final minutes. This is somewhat of a cop-out. Despite all the flaws of Nelson?s film, he has succeeded in creating a horrific, visceral experience.

Alfredo S (ca) wrote: Animal Farm is a dark and intelligent nicely animated feature that gives a powerful message and tackles a subject matter in an entertaining and creative way, all while being faithful to its source material (excluding its ending)

Mark H (au) wrote: Il postino is a rare gem. In terms of romantic movies in foreign cinema, this is one of the best, closely sitting alongside "Cinema Paradiso" in it's feel. Don't miss it.

Amanda S (au) wrote: Annoying, sadly. I had high hopes.

Nick R (gb) wrote: Major Dundee is a classical Western with plenty of exciting shootouts and breathtaking vistas, but in all honesty, the film's backstory is more interesting than most of what's on screen. It's a situation where the film is less than the sum of its parts, mostly because some elements simply haven't held up that well over the years. Together with the lack of authorial control by Peckinpah, Major Dundee feels too broad and unfocused. There is a nice sense of tension from the plot's underlying political dynamics that kept my interest, but it ultimately felt too rough around the edges for my tastes.

Matt C (jp) wrote: Best elves movie he made

Dean H (ag) wrote: One of the most unique Westerns out there.It was great to see more of the key elements which were replicated in Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time In The West. The women were arguably tougher than the men in this film, and Joan Crawford's blue eyes stare through my soul.

(br) wrote: a classic story of the one man death.

Four Star F (kr) wrote: Starring a cast including Roddy McDowell, Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O'Hara, and Donald Crisp, with director John Ford, the film is told from the eyes of a young boy (McDowell) from a Welsh mining family. Huw has five older brothers, an older sister, and two strong but goodhearted parents. As times get tougher, he sees one brother get married and two others leave for America. Huw faces his own struggles recuperating from an injury and surviving his schooling. Along the way he is aided by the kindly preacher (Pidgeon). However, soon he sees his family torn apart even more when his sister is unhappily married off, a brother is killed, and two others lose their jobs. Then, finally when his sister returns, the town folk start a scandal, and Mr. Morgan becomes trapped in the mine. It does end on a good not and the family stays resilient. This film is full of adversity but more importantly it has warmth and good people. The camera work is excellent and the Welsh singing is memorable.

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Eric P (es) wrote: Maybe this film shouldn't have been made.

Alex S (br) wrote: Interesting and trippy little film loosely based on Hunter S Thompson.

Emod L (us) wrote: 99%Displaying a more fantastical aesthetic and a whimsical father-son dynamic, The Last Crusade is the strongest installment in the franchise, and a wonderful addition to Spielberg's fabulous collection.V: 80%

Louis M (es) wrote: War ! What is it good for absolutely nothing! Say it again war!