Astitva is a bold film with adultery. An ambitious male chauvinist and his loving wife are happily married but the guy is not able to give time to the family as he want to make it big in life. His work is of paramount importance to him. His work keeps him away from his home for days and this makes the wife very lonely. In one such instance, she succumbs to loneliness and has a physical relationship with her music teacher and becomes pregnant. She tries confessing to her husband, but he is so excited about her pregnancy, that he does not listen to her story. Twenty Five years later, circumstances force the suspicious husband's mind to work overtime and confronts his wife with facts and figures that when she was pregnant, he had not had any physical relationship with her for more than 9 months before the child's birth. Then whose child is it? The wife accepts it and ask for forgiveness...

Astitva is a bold film with adultery. An ambitious male chauvinist and his loving wife are happily married but the guy is not able to give time to the family as he want to make it big in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Astitva torrent reviews

Charles M (us) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen! And to think I spent three dollars at the Dollarama for this piece of junk!

Per H (br) wrote: Norsk svart feel good komedi, som knns lite grann som Brderna Coen light, ungefr. Hela denna film r egentligen en mans frtjnst och det r den briljanta Stellan Skargrd som spelar Ulrik en kkfarare som kommer ut efter 12 r i fngelse och bestmmer sig fr att lmna det kriminella bakom sig och frska f kontakt med sin vuxna son, men det r inte bara de. Ska man nmna nn annan i filmen s mste man nmna Bjrn Floberg som smgangstern Jensen som Ulrik har jobbat fr innan han kte in p kken, han gr en underbar tolkning av en ganska s misslyckad gangsterboss. Annars knns filmen lite fr frutsgbar och jag hade faktiskt velat ha lite mer svrta och slutet knns lite fr enkelt men en bra norsk film som terigen visar att Norge gr mer intressanta filmer n vad Sverige gr.

Ian E (br) wrote: "Behind the Candelabra" contains direction that is used sensitively focusing on showcasing the story. There are powerful performances from leading actors Michael Douglas and Matt Damon who look committed to their roles and make their portrayals convincing.

Yash B (ca) wrote: The movie that started it all. If you ever watched the show, I'm sure you can find plenty of enjoyment in this silly yet fun movie.

Classy K (us) wrote: Love the fact thats it an all black cast and production crew...Gary mmm...the cinematography needs work like my spelling...haha

Claire T (ca) wrote: hate it, I thought it was crap, I will not watch it again, I just thought the movie was crap and I will not watch it again, it starred Michael Biehn, Brittany Murphy and Jay Mohr, I hated it, expected better

Francisco L (ag) wrote: With a funny plot and a talented cast, however with a predictable narrative and no original story that makes this movie only one more in this genre.

Kevin M (it) wrote: Peter Watkins, one of a handful of directors who've mastered the art of the "mockumentary", creates a faux universe of such chilling validity, uncommon prescience, and brutal oppression that one is left with the unshakable impression that this could be Real, in some horrid parallel universe. It's an alternate version of 1970, or perhaps a very near future where Anti-War protesters are treated as traitors, and any opportunities to argue their case will be shut down by a monolithic force under the guise of "Justice". Once you're in the clutches o f the penal system, your human rights are stripped away and you become just another animated hunk of meat, with what the Powers That Be will deal as they see fit. A British TV crew is given unlimited access to film a group of hippie radicals as the system grinds them into kibble. Early on, the bearded, outspoken leader speaks for the audience by begging for legal representation, Due Process, and other Constitutionally granted rights. As he and a dozen others sit before a panel of judges, they're silenced time and time again, arguments flare up, tempers rage out of control. That these exchanges were improvised is astonishing; nobody seems to be "acting" or even conscious of the camera (the appalling "Redacted" was filled with nonactors who were painfully aware of being filmed, and their "performances" were mostly mannered posturing). Unsurprisingly, they're given heavy sentences for "treason", but are given the option to undergo the three-day "Punishment Park" program in lieu of spending insane amounts of time behind bars. What's three days of Hell compared to years in the can? Their choice is clear. After the prisoners are deposited in the middle of the desert, the assembled contingent of Law Enforcement officials lay out the rules of the "game": in three days, they must reach an American flag posted at a checkpoint 50 miles away. The hippies are given a brief head start, then the cops and military have carte blanche to hunt them down at will. It's a training exercise for the Law, a chance at "freedom" and an endurance test for the dissenters. While this may be a setup for a one-sided morality play, the documentary crew is itself a character, always unseen but always filming with an impartial eye. The detachment, combined with the icy British voice narrating the proceedings, creates a mood of continuous dread that continues to mount as the prisoners advance further and further into a living Hell on Earth. Their numbers dwindle almost as quickly as their water and sanity. Such a story could not end with a conventional action finale; instead, after a final revelation which is a punch in the gut to anyone expecting a successful resolution, we end by interviewing one of the police trainees. The training exercise has been successful, the Punishment has been administered, we have returned to the Status Quo. Soon these men will be patrolling the streets and protecting honest citizens, having gone through their own crucible. Maybe the people they arrest will provide adequate fodder for the next batch of trainees. It's a horrific yet plausible vision of a Fascist U.S.A. Small wonder this was impossible to find for the better part of three decades.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: A Ghoulish Delight!!

John S (kr) wrote: It may be a dumb comedy, but Kutcher and Scott have great chemistry together. It's worth at least one watch (especially if you are a teenager).