Astronaut: The Last Push

Astronaut: The Last Push

When a tragic accident cuts short the first manned mission to explore life on the moons of Jupiter, Michael Forrest must make the 3 year journey home to Earth in pure solitude

When a tragic accident cuts short the first manned mission to explore life on the moons of Jupiter, Michael Forrest must make the 3 year journey home to Earth in pure solitude. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Astronaut: The Last Push torrent reviews

Mark A (jp) wrote: awesome. amazing action

Luciano A (ag) wrote: It's bad... but it's good.

Patrick R (jp) wrote: The Big Slideshow was better, as was the Q and A, but the film is worthwhile.

Skyview B (it) wrote: Stepmom is a film about real life reality of a family's lifestyle after a divorce. It's genuine and the emotions of the mother, father, children, and new relationships. There's jealousy, anger, misunderstandings, rounded up with love and compassion.Plot SummaryThis main plot is to show how all new family members have to move together in daily life situations. However I believe this was not predictable because, as a divorced mom and dad with two kids had to figure out a way to let in a humble women into the picture who tries to do the right things to fit in. Although, major conflicts played a role in which the father makes a decision to marry this woman, and the kids have to find acceptance deep in their hearts, all while the mother has secrets of her own.Themes The theme of this movie was to show how blended families deal with everyday lives; the up's, the downs, but the lesson of it all is with love all things are possible. This movie isn't purely meant to entertain, this is for showing real life emotions and sharpening your skills, regarding moving experiences with honest subject matters. The director expressed the "love-hate" relationships but all while allowing them to share tears and be there for one another.Technical ElementsThis movie expresses within camera shots, lights, etc. the multiple moods, feelings, and settings. I probably loved most, the extreme close ups of struggles, inside feelings, and actions to bring the movie together. The many "small town" designs of setting events bring out the interest of pulling you into the heart of the movie. The lighting was very detailed as you could see little shadows and really brought out the mood of the main story toward the movie. The music of the movie brought out the enjoyment of families accepting one another and enjoying life before it's taken granted. As well as, showing life where sometimes we need to just let go of things and let it all fall into place instead of forcing it.Conclusion I enjoyed this movie as I can relate as many of us can in this day and age where divorces are more common and the reality of your mother and father finding a new mate and/or spouse comes full with a load of mixed emotions. Each person's feelings are genially heartfelt, but this touching story is wonderfully funny, emotional and uplifting. It's enormously entertaining and filled with expressions of shared love.- SL, 8th Grade Student

David M (au) wrote: For me the most telling scene for the movie and Parker's (Jennifer Jason Leigh) unrequited love to humorist Robert Benchley (Cambell Scott) was when the two leave Vanity Fair, she fired, he in protest. They formed the 'Utica Drop Forge and Tool Co.' It was the two of them sitting at facing desks with twin typewriters between them: For the rest of their lives, they would be wildly, profoundly in love with one-another, but always kept themselves separated with words.

Andrew U (us) wrote: Ranks with the 400 Blows as one of the great world-seen-through-the-eyes-of-a-child films. A sleepwalking kid who, while awake, sees more keenly and curiously than most adults.

Vadim D (jp) wrote: Not much of a story here, but good performances all around. It just never goes anywhere interesting and has been done better before and since then.

MZUNGU M (us) wrote: It's actually OK movie, pretty complex layered plot behind all that lurid stuff. I like it.

Jessica L (ca) wrote: demasiado... demasiado romntica.. tpica pelcula marcada por la tragedia y el amor que triunfa al final... Gran tema de lionel Richie ..endless love..

Jenni A (mx) wrote: This film is so bad! I know it's meant to be good but seriously?! I wouldn't die to see this film! Godzilla starts okay but then carries on horribly wrong! I would rate this film no stars if I could! Not kidding! Dorset is a lovely holiday for me but watching the film made me sick and I mean literally! I was sick before anyway! DON'T WATCH THIS FILM AS IT'S SO BAD!!!!

Casey G (jp) wrote: My favorite Schwarzenegger flick of all time ... And if you ever have a chance to visit Astoria, Oregon it's even more gorgeous than in the movie.