At Your Own Risk

At Your Own Risk

Rony (Filip Blazek), the owner of a travel agency specializing in extreme sports, receives an interesting request - a trip down the dangerous Black River. The client who initiated the ...

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At Your Own Risk torrent reviews

Mikko L (nl) wrote: Highly recommended for any music lover. This movie epitomizes the good stuff that human kind is capable of.

Daniel J (de) wrote: prob wait for it to come out on DVD

Robert B (es) wrote: I give this movie credit for the funny factor. I am not sure if the people making the movie were in on the joke, but boy oh boy did I roar with laughter. Later in the movie, when the really big shark shows up and swallows entire boats whole, I laughed out loud and said, "This movie is so terrible!" Really, some of these scenes looked like it was their first time using After Effects. I had a blast.

Thomas B (nl) wrote: Wow, what a stinker of a movie.

Tina R (es) wrote: i want to see this movie

The Critic (au) wrote: George Orwell's intriguing anti-Communism tale is solidly adapted in this animated feature.

Kris C (fr) wrote: Chaplin tried his hand at writing and directing a serious drama with this vastly under-rated film.

Kyle B (fr) wrote: An interesting and generally entertaining film about corrupt unions, corrupt businessmen, and basically corrupt work system in GB. Sellers is good, as are most members of the cast. There were a couple of issues that kept this from being a great film, but it's worth seeing once.

Marie H (br) wrote: We have never laughed so hard at a movie. Better than the Hangover movies. Not for kids, but hilarious!

Edgar C (br) wrote: The most diabolical femme fatale bitch of all times incomparably played by ruthlessly sexy Fiorentino, paying proper tribute to Wilder's noir trademarks. Worth-watching.76/100