A seemingly happy couple's life is turned upside down in a single day when a stranger walks into their life. He orders them to do the strangest of tasks if they want to see their daughter alive. What does he want?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
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A seemingly happy couple's life is turned upside down in a single day when a stranger walks into their life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Athithi torrent reviews

Seana O (gb) wrote: What an extraordinary collection of stories! For all the girls and women in your life, take the time to watch this documentary. Knowledge is power!

Brian M (kr) wrote: While no work of art, it wasn't nearly as bad as most felt it was. It took a very low key approach and departed little from the book's story (though admittedly a bit more creative license wouldn't have hurt), with the biggest changes being toning down some of the more violent elements. While this likely made the film more tolerable for some audience members, it did soften its edge a bit and thus the mystery portion fell a little flat. It isn't rife with belly laughs either, but it has a certain lighthearted charm and likeability to it that makes it an easy watch. I enjoyed Katherine Heigl in the title role and appreciated her not going overboard with the Jersey accent, keeping it minimal and deliberately subtle. Her voice-over narration, though effective in spots, does have a tendency to state the obvious a little too often, and it's likely these moments that cement the film's bad reputation. It's also a shame that a few scenes with Debbie Reynolds were axed, as her screentime is minimal in the final cut. The rest of the supporting cast, though offbeat, is surprisingly effective, and it's fun not to see A-listers crammed in just for the sake of it. A pity no sequel will be produced, for with a stronger director the cast could easily improve over this good, yet imperfect, start.

Don S (ru) wrote: Brad Pitt makes this overlong view into the serial killer life work. The premise is shaky at best - I believe most people would have just driven by and left Early and his simple girlfriend at the bus station. Pitt's gritty portrayal of Early is stunning. The rest is just a run of the mill thriller.

Cresswell S (jp) wrote: Archie Moore vs Bronson.

Jeremy G (es) wrote: I was not entertained at all. Yes it was silly but not in an entertaining way. I struggled to get to the closing credits and was elated to see them!

Harshwardhan S (au) wrote: If only the end was as terrific as the start, it could have been a masterpiece!