Shamsher Singh Rajput lives a poor lifestyle in British India along with his widowed mom, a sister, Asha, and makes a living through crime. He is in love with a gypsy dancer, Reshma, and ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Hindi
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Shamsher Singh Rajput lives a poor lifestyle in British India along with his widowed mom, a sister, Asha, and makes a living through crime. He is in love with a gypsy dancer, Reshma, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucas G (kr) wrote: Great acting, great story, enourmous ambitions.

Nikhil M (jp) wrote: For all you Amitabh Bachchan,s evergreen movie, Don, out here, its time to rejoice. This movie sucks!

Logan M (us) wrote: An unnecessary full length movie version of one of Disney's most God-awful TV shows.

Vicki D (au) wrote: So cute. catchy cheesy music. kids LOVE it too.

Federico F (mx) wrote: horror splatter with many scenes rated R and excellent copy in the original calling it a great remake

Antti R (ru) wrote: Essentially, a drama about generation gaps, how values fail to pass from one generation to other as they could not benefit human life in the first place. While this theme surely is topical in contemporary Japan, and pretty much universally, Kurosawa's characteristically detached narrative does not serve his dramas in the sublime way it perfectly compliments his horror films, so I cannot say Bright Future left a huge impression on me. But where can I get a jellyfish for a pet?

Noname (it) wrote: Not to bad movie about firefighters. Drama with some action and Joaquin Phoenix and Travolta are great in this one. Story is pretty nice aswell.

Red L (ru) wrote: A long movie - about two families in a Florida neighbourhood. The story includes a little of everything - family, greed, bias, expectations, suicide, fidelity, unplanned pregnancy, etc. etc. I enjoyed it - almost have to watch it again to recall all the stories.

Handr H (fr) wrote: A movie that shows that is very normal`` to invade a hospital with an weapon for save your son. Exaggerated and awful.

Itamar K (mx) wrote: Very aesthetic with some pretty location shots, but completely flat and devoid of any emotion or substance. Cold and dull.

Adam R (us) wrote: (First viewing - Teen years)

Tristan F (nl) wrote: People have forgotten how awesome Jennifer Jason Leigh is. At first you might be put off by the affected voice she uses to portray Dorothy Parker, but alongside Alan Rudolph's engaging and freewheeling direction, it rubs off on you and sure enough you can't think of anyone else who could essay the role with as much heart and verve as she could. A great even-handed portrait of a certain time in American writing and a particular group of learned partygoers. Even puffy-face Andrew McCarthy can't ruin this delight.

Joey F (de) wrote: I couldn't get into this at all. Just too cheesy and uninteresting.

Stuart M (kr) wrote: Completely idiotic in every way. Normally that would be high praise but here it's insane AND boring. Also pretentious. The entire film is trying to push the idea that Barbarella is a new form of liberated woman who is free from the guilt of sexuality. What this means in practice is that Barberella gets naked like every other scene while some very firmly clothed men get to do things to her, sometimes with her consent sometimes not. Oh yeah, sexual liberation woo. The type of "liberation" preached here just as limiting as the restrictive mores it tries to replace, except that instead of women being stuck as homemakers they're now limited to being used as sex objects. It's all oh so very French.Barberella is also the most useless character ever created. She winds her way from one adventure to the other, always sitting passively by as things happen and never really being proactive herself. In the end the entire plot is resolved with no point to her presence. It would have all played out the same if she had never existed. At times I think it's trying to be a comedy but it's just not very funny. Apart from David Hemmings' amusing turn as an incompetent freedom fighter general none of the characters are given anything at all funny to do. Instead we get to watch Barberella wander through Tau Ceti sleeping with people simply to be polite or passively observing as people do horrible things around her. Yay.

Gregory W (us) wrote: ok movie about WWII post WWII about british pow's who try to escape from a german POW camp-think the great escape-steve mcqueen.

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Kevin M W (jp) wrote: Paltrow shimmers and shines in this look at real inheritance, what the DNA leaves, as Pop (Hopkins, dynamite) is a math genius who, ummm, loses track, shall we say. Will the daughter follow in Pop's enormous footsteps ... in each and every way? Tension aplenty with a great supporting cast. Pretty damn good if you ask me.

Peter F (gb) wrote: nostalgic..watchin with the boy!