Navendhu Kumar lives a poor lifestyle with his handicapped father, Mohan, housewife mom, two unmarried sisters, Leela and Rajni, a younger brother, Kundan, and a sweetheart in Meena. He works for Avinash Gupta, however, when differences occur, he is framed by Gupta for breaking and entering, arrested by the police, tried in Court, and exiled from the town for a period of 12 months. After he leaves, the family is almost destitute and are exploited by Gupta. Then some months later, a young man, Anand, comes to visit them, informing them that Navendhu has sent him. He gives them some money for day to day expenses, gets some clothes for everyone, and a wheelchair for Mohan. He arranges the marriage of Rajni with her boyfriend, Ajay, despite strong opposition from Gupta, and falls in love with Leela. What the Kumar family do not know is that Anand is a fugitive on the run from the police in Bombay, and he harbors a dark secret that will change their lives forever.

Navendhu Kumar lives a poor lifestyle with his handicapped father, Mohan, housewife mom, two unmarried sisters, Leela and Rajni, a younger brother, Kundan, and a sweetheart in Meena. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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kata s (ag) wrote: I really hope thid is a good movie!Well is it?

PierLuigi F (mx) wrote: Really liked this romantic comedy with a good sense of the '50s. Direction is pretty good and the actors sustain the plot in a very believable way. The plot is well built and (apart from a couple of moments toward the end IMHO) everything runs smoothly and well anchored to the progress of the "modern woman" as seen in those years. The characters are nice and the whole movie ends leaving you quite satisfied.

Lee B (de) wrote: A saw this a while back, but forgot about it until all the recent Apple news. This is a decent documentary, but like so many topic documentaries that are also combined into profile pieces, this one depends so much on the people they got to be interviewed. With that, this is a pretty good doc. On the bad, they really got stuck between a timeline doc and one of popular opinions on Apple. Plus, it seems fairly biased toward fandom. Still, not bad if you have interest. If you could care less about Apple, and I don't mean computers or the business world, but Apple itself, then this isn't for you. It doesn't have the dramatics of something like Enron the smart guys movie, but still neat and condensed enough for quick enjoyment.

Beth M (us) wrote: Not as good as the first one.

Rosmari P (br) wrote: musical groups + street music in Istanbul chosen and presented by Alexander Hacke

Lafe F (es) wrote: A quartet of tales with a Nightmare theme! Terror in Topanga - standard "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" fare about a motorist on an empty country road, and an escaped mental patient. The Bishop of Battle - screams 1980's decade with a young Emilio Estevez hooked on a video arcade game which gets progressively harder. This was my favorite tale; worth the price of the movie alone. The Benediction - forgettable tale about a priest being chased by an evil black truck. Night of the Rat - a silly tale about a family being terrorized by a giant rat; cool ending. I wish this anthology had a framing story.

Nicolas B (gb) wrote: I hate musicals. I was told this is a classic and the best musical ever, so I watched it. I still hate musicals. People dancing in the middle of a scene is just utterly stupid.

Eric H (us) wrote: Vittorio DeSica's wonderful "Umberto D" was one of the last films of the Italian neo-realism movement and by far its best one. It is also one of my favorite movies ever.The movie's premise is simple: it is a slice of the life of a poor lonely pensioner, Umberto. Throughout the movie, we see Umberto struggle to find money to pay rent to his horrible landlady, love his dog Flike, and deal with the loneliness and disillusionment of the postwar era."Umberto D" is a character-driven film. It works very well because of its sharp observations on loneliness and poignant gestures. The gestures evoke powerful feelings without necessitating dialogue. Many of the scenes, even the ones that do not necessarily advance the plot, are hypnotically beautiful in their simplicity. Take, for example, a beautiful scene where Umberto finally needs to beg for money but cannot physically bring himself to do it. He extends his palm up, but when a passer-by stops to give him money, Umberto quickly flips his hand over, as if testing for rain. The film is full of these small gestures that quietly emphasize the desperate loneliness and poignancy of Umberto's situation.The acting in this film is absolutely superb. Carlo Battisti, despite having never acted before, is wonderful as the titular character; his face is a fascinating blend of stubborn dignity and weariness of life. Maria Pia-Casilio, who plays the maid, is just as good as evoking life's loneliness and quiet desperation. The supporting cast is also very strong.One of the very few criticisms I have heard of this film is that it is too sentimental and borderline sappy. While some scenes with Umberto and his dog Flike are sentimental, never is it "too" sentimental. DeSica knows how far he can push his film without making it sappy, and he wisely shows it as it is. Nothing feels forced. The subject material itself and the simplicity in which it is presented will bring tears. (If you don't cry in this movie, you need to have your heart professionally de-thawed.) But "Umberto D" is never dumbed down into sappiness and clichd corniness. It is a very powerful film."Umberto D" is the masterpiece of the Italian neo-realist era. It's a rather bleak and very realistic movie, but it makes some fascinating commentary on the human condition, specifically the loneliness we face. Highly, highly recommended.

James H (us) wrote: 5.5/10. I am not a huge John Wayne fan, this film is a little different than his usual fare. Well produced, nice combination of romance, drama and adventure. Melodramatic and too long, but for the most part it was interesting. Some exciting scenes, too much romance.

Kevin G (jp) wrote: Its Ok, interesting web of stories but, let down by too many non actors putting in school play performances. Sometimes this method can turn up interesting slices of life, here it throws the actors into sharp relief making it feel more piecemeal than it should be. Riz Ahmed was very goods and Ed Skrein was very poor (I want to say shit but not adult enough for a review). I look forward to Mr Drew's next work, interesting to see what he can do with more money and professional cast. Worth seeing.

Tyler S (ca) wrote: looking back now it's pretty damn absurd. The laughs aren't really there for the taking, it's just over the top and silliness that the movie offers. I thought Randy Quaid was pretty funny here being the only true comic relief. That being said I loved this movie as a teen so the nostalgia the movie has with me explains my rating. I used to really enjoy this movie as its somewhat of a guilty pleasure film despite its present day absurdity.

Ika C (jp) wrote: I played this on Netflix, not knowing what this is about. Soon after I knew it's an anthology of five works of Edgar Allan Poe's. What creepy is, the first story in this movie is The House of Usher, the story that I just read last night, also the first story of the book I'm reading. I think Mr. Poe's ghost is stalking me.

Greg H (es) wrote: Visually dazzling and socially scathing. About the only thing they missed the mark on is that Reggie Watts is going to be a thing in the future. Absolutely worth checking out with no expectations.