Atlas Shrugged: Part I

Atlas Shrugged: Part I

Railroad executive Dagny Taggart and steel mogul Henry Rearden form an alliance to fight the increasingly authoritarian government of the United States.

Railroad executive Dagny Taggart and steel mogul Henry Rearden form an alliance to fight the increasingly authoritarian government of the United States. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Atlas Shrugged: Part I torrent reviews

Awi S (kr) wrote: i guess like other atom egoyan's movies, i can't stop watching till it finishes, but i am not sure i wanna see it ever again...

Luciene C (au) wrote: Um exerccio de tolerncia ao mal-estar, Miss Violence fez parte da programao da Mostra Internacional de Cinema de So Paulo do ano passado. S soube dele hoje. Pense no antnimo de um feel-good movie.

Jeffrey A (gb) wrote: Very cool movie, different concept.

Josh H (nl) wrote: A surprisingly fresh take on the otherwise-dwindling found footage genre, there are segments of this anthology horror film that, if made longer, would be modern horror classics.

Pee W (jp) wrote: cornel randomly jumping out of the car and running away from the interview

Michelle L (fr) wrote: First time watching a Kung fu movie and was quite impressed. It was a very good movie it was a love story and Wing Chung in the same film.

Laura E (mx) wrote: Makes me so angry I can't sleep for a week.

Sydney L (au) wrote: quite touching great performances of two leading actress

Becky C (es) wrote: It's funny, but in the end...just funny, not exactly insightful.

Larry O (es) wrote: I've watched this movie at least 17 times and it still is as strange and interesting as the first time. I finally found a copy at some pharmacy in Ottawa. Cheezy at times but, very entertaining. Quaid is Quaid-a-lisious in this one. Search it out and watch this cult classic.

Scott A (ag) wrote: I guess I always figured these movies must be decent since they made four of them, but you could raid a cheese factory and not find as much cheese. This thing comes off as a cheap rip off to Top Gun. Everything is worse.The lead character is a douchebag. He might look tough in the poster, but he's really a whiny brat. He has a hot girlfriend, but their relationship gets about as much screen time as it takes to show a hug. Seriously, there is zero romance between them.Gossett Jr. is in there to sound cool I guess. He does his cliched angry man thing he does so well, and it's kind of unclear how these two even pull off the mission in the end. I mean, a bunch of kids fool the Government? Ummm...okay.The plane footage is okay. But the editing makes it look cheap. Clearly any planes that get blown up are models...that is obvious, but I liked how they would basically show someone hit the FIRE button and the other planes would just explode. No filler shots of the bomb shooting at the other planes. In fact, on the few times they do show a missile launch, they just fall straight down. Really?I will say that the cast is a lot of famous faces from the 80s, they are mostly just wasted. You got Larry B. Scott from the Nerds movies, Tom Fridley from Friday The 13th 6, Robbie Rist from Brady Bunch, Tim Tomerson, Shawnee Smith, and the little brother was Melvin from Tremors!!!There is just nothing special here at all, especially since it came out the same year as the great TOP GUN. It's far too can be entertaining, but nothing serious.

peter h (br) wrote: oh boy what a werid gore film from cult Leganad HGL.This like many of his other films suffer from poor direction and bad writing but the acting in this film is on a decent level but its draged down by its poor frame work. The plot id would rank under SOMETHING WERID and MONSTER A GO-GO for unusal twist, the story of the wizard of gore involes the magician Montag (which is monday in german couincendently) commiting amazing tricks on a bunch of ususpecting females that fall victum to brutall gory deaths . The plot is staigt forward untill the final few minutes which underminds the hole plot or ties in nicly with montags jargon speech at the start. 4/10 thankfully this was one of HGL last few films before leaving the bussines but retured 2002 with Blood Feast 2 :-( not good

Cameron R (kr) wrote: Vivien was fantastic!