Atom Man vs. Superman

Atom Man vs. Superman

Superman battles Lex Luthor who is using a teleportation device and a new identity as Atom Man in his criminal plans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Atom Man vs. Superman torrent reviews

Gaspar O (gb) wrote: This is a pretty typical Syfy disaster movie, with one pleasant difference...fairly solid acting. It entertained me for an hour and a half, and that's all I asked of it.

Paul C (mx) wrote: Creepy thriller. Leaves much unanswered, but that is part of the appeal. Fun movie to watch and discuss w/ others.

Mareen K (ca) wrote: Beautiful movie because of a great screenplay, wonderful actors and not least because of it being filmed and set in North Carolina, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Manny C (es) wrote: Way back in 1971, Melvin Van Peebles wrote, produced, directed and starred in Sweet Sweetback's Baadassss Song, an X-rated exploitation flick that became a surprise hit, capturing the anger and frustration African-American audiences felt towards the white establishment. It was a breakthrough in African-American filmmaking, and set off the famed blaxploitation era of the 1970's, movies made by black Americans for black Americans. Melvin's son, Mario Van Peebles takes his father's memoirs and crafts this wonderful bio-pic, focusing in the making of his father's seminal film. What results is Baadasssss!, directed, co-written and starring Mario. Mario's film, like those of his father's, is unflinchingly brutal and honest, and doesn't shy away from his dad's faults any more than it does his talents. That would include Melvin's casting of a thirteen year old Mario as a boy having his first sexual encounter in a whorehouse. The film is endlessly fascinating.

Augustine H (br) wrote: A clichd movie saved by Annette Bening as the powerhouse.

Crispin J (ca) wrote: This movie cured my cancer

Juliette K (de) wrote: There is no way you would appreciate this movie to the fullest unless you were a temp once in your life. How did they so cogently capture the idiocyncrasies of temp work office politics? So freakin funny. Of course Parker Posey is hilarious in this movie as always.

Brandon G (it) wrote: A decent story line, but the cinematography and yellow blurry filter are terrible. The acting wasn't very good either.

Kevin J (fr) wrote: Similar in scope to Kubrick's The Killing, Rififi explores how fallible human beings are in the act of drawing up the perfect plan, in this case the robbery of a jewel vault. Communication is a major theme here, with one of the characters unable to speak French, relying on his Italian friend to communicate to the rest of the group. Also featuring a dialogue-less robbery scene which is as stunning as its post-war Parisian backdrop, this is gem of a film, which apart from being gripping and edge of the seat stuff, offers profound ruminations about communication, dialogue and, ultimately, the way in which people engage with the world.

Luc T (es) wrote: Horrible movie. Almost unwatchable.

Grechu M (mx) wrote: Well, best Iron Man movie.