Based on Michel Houellebecq's controversial novel, this movie focuses on Michael and Bruno, two very different half-brothers and their disturbed sexuality. After a chaotic childhood with a ...

Based on Michel Houellebecq's controversial novel, this movie focuses on Michael and Bruno, two very different half-brothers and their disturbed sexuality. After a chaotic childhood with a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (ru) wrote: A lame churn out. Bad things go down in Mexico for two male adolescents, and their families are left to pick up the pieces and figure out what happened. This is the one that Clive Barker put his foot down and completely divorced himself from the series; he stated that nothing about this came from his mind, or even his butthole (his words, not mine). The reason why this was made was to retain the rights to the series; the Weinsteins produced this in a couple of weeks because they were in a pinch. I never thought I'd say this, but this made me wish that they got Rick Bota back; even though his movies left tons to be desired, there was at least an effort being made. The biggest thing on why fails as hard as it does is that the payoff is as limp as the acting. This has everything to do with the new Pinhead, who just flat out sucks, there's no clearer way to put it. You can argue that we were spoiled by Doug Bradley, but that doesn't change the fact that this man has no screen presence. This just rips off Hellraiser I, feels long for a 75-minute runtime, and while it isn't the worst movie I've ever seen, it is easily far and away the worst installment of the franchise.

Michael T (kr) wrote: Not only a fascinating history of the musical A Chorus Line, but an insightful look at the audition process.

Julian T (au) wrote: One of the more underrated under the radar horror movies of recent years, 'Dagon' has nothing to do with the short story written by horror master H.P. Lovecraft from which it derives its name. Follows 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth' much more closely. Regardless, it is wonderfully Lovecraftian in its premise; a European fishing village which has stumbled onto the curse of an old world daemon named Dagon. Clearly filmed on a low budget, the creatures are not the most believable, but they are not awful either. Decent acting performances and a sleek plot make for an enjoyable horror film. I'll also point out that the star Ezra Godden looks just like Buddy Holly.

Chris M (es) wrote: Not considered as good as the first film staring the wonderful Karen Black, Trilogy of Terror II does have more than enough to reccomend it to others. The first two stories do the original proud with the lovely Lysette Anthony taking on the Karen Black role as star of all three tales. Sadly, the last installment, a sequel to the first film's Zuni Doll episode, falls short in it's execution of the story. It's fun to watch and well done on it's own right, but it's nowhere near as terrifying as the version from the first film. All in all, this is a great horror package. It's pretty darn good stuff for a TV movie.

Patrick F (ru) wrote: I can see why Bobcat Goldthwait was nominated for a Razzie Award. I did get a few laughs, but it fell flat overall. 2 out of 5.

Christopher H (gb) wrote: since this true movie made it's debut, I rented and loved it, purchased the v.h.s. and now own d.v.d. Love Jessica Lang's performance!

Nikolus Z (it) wrote: Famously parodied by Monty Python, it is perhaps less frequently acknowledged that Bresson's film is a type of parody itself. However, unlike the Pythons or Cervantes, he doesn't ridicule the chivalric romance tradition to elicit laughter and exploit the foibles of such ridiculous, fantastic hubris. What he does is look squarely at his subject, stripping away any pretense of, well, chivalry, and leaves us with a film that portrays obliquely of group of men's misguided stabs at glory. In doing so, he manages to critique the Authurian legend while simultaneously, paradoxically restating its themes in a more cathartic, honest way.Bresson does not allow for us to avoid the violence of the Lancelot story. Every act carries immense weight. In a great many films about war or some other type of battle, we are encouraged to devalue on screen deaths because we primarily identify with a protagonist, whose death is the only one of import. However, the deaths of knights whose faces we never see are in Bresson's film given stark attention that demands reflection on the senselessness of this hubristic violence. One of Bresson's masterful details in this film is a close of up a spur grazing a horse's belly; through his lens it is a horrific gesture, laying bear the hostility of this culture. It is this contemplative style which makes the theme of the holy grail story resonate more authentically than would otherwise be the case.I do not know much about France's political situation at the time of this film, but I'm not sure politics would be Bresson's style anyway. However, there can be little doubt that he made this film with some purpose regarding contemporary culture, or something meant to be universal that applies equally to contemporary life as to the middle ages. The effect of watching the film is that we confront the foibles of the present day, and we are not given the comfort supplied by the Monty Python film of laughing at the inferiority of an age we have surpassed. Bresson suggests that maybe we haven't.

Yash B (nl) wrote: Exciting, clever, and mostly satisfying Bond classic. It's one of Connery's best performances and has a truly classic style.

nita jim j (mx) wrote: just another one of his best

Frankie N (us) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

Adam W (mx) wrote: So so comedy from the same team as Anchorman and that wasn't brilliant either.Talladega Nights is a friendly enough comedy but, suffers from it repeating the same joke over again. Usual Will Ferrell movie to be honest.