At the end of World War II, a National Guard infantry company must set up artillery observation posts in a strategic area. Lt. Costa (Jack Palance) knows that Capt. Cooney (Eddie Albert) is in command only because of the "connections" he made stateside. Costa has serious doubts concerning Cooney's ability to lead, and when Cooney sends Costa and his men out on a dangerous mission -- and refuses to reenforce them -- all hell breaks loose.

The film is based on a play by Norman Brooks, The Fragile Fox. It is about a captain Eddie Albert whose wrong actions are taken to heart by his officers. He does not know that Jack Palance has a conspiracy to kill himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin R (us) wrote: A stellar cast and a compelling story. Our knowledge of the main outcome looms heavy over the first half of the film but makes for a gripping second half as everything falls apart. Despite some of the minor roles being important characters (like Hitler) they are unfortunately not played convincingly enough to show the real terror of the regime, but overall a good tense and enjoyable film.

Suhana Z (ca) wrote: Warm,delicate and sweet.

Jonathan M (br) wrote: love this movie don't get all the hate it gets. Jim Carey is brilliant in it

Dyron W (de) wrote: Devastatingly bland and uninspired, Elektra, remaining the sole Marvel-comics adaptation I've seen once with no chances of ever revisiting it, is hands down the worst Marvel-based movie ever (yes, and I've seen Howard the Duck, both Ghost Rider films and all four incarnations of Fantastic Four).

Ben P (us) wrote: I watched this film a coupe of years back when I was in a big Jessica Alba phase. Her acting is a bad as usual. The storyline was disjointed and poor, leading to a pretty bad film.

Luke G (kr) wrote: one of van damme s best movies

Matty S (gb) wrote: There are some weak moments, but those are out-weighed by Meryl Streep's delightful performance and the sweet but clever story by Brooks.

Sonny N (br) wrote: Great movie.. Classic flix

Ade A (fr) wrote: Disappointing. Preach is downright unlikable, not because of his interesting backstory (poet, screenwriter) but because of what Shultz decides to singularly focus on throughout his very errant story. In a pivotal scene, when he's cornered, he STILL can't help but "act a fool" and be "funny." Then we're required to buy into a very serious, "unfunny" conclusion. Serious tone issues all around.

Arnaud L (it) wrote: Great production value and a well thought story making good use of the fascination with Egyptian customs. Jack Hawkins is a bit out of place as an Egyptian Pharaoh but he manages make it believable.

Jon B (ru) wrote: So stupid. So predictable. A HORRIBLE movie.

Eytan D (nl) wrote: Though "Homefront" is at times entertaining, it's easily one of the more dull Jason Statham action outings. I personally didn't really care about the characters (despite good performances from Statham, Franco, Bosworth and Ryder), and it's easily been-there-done-that territory for a thriller. Sylvester Stallone wrote the script, and though he has proven a good writer/director in the "Rocky" series, he needs to break away from the old-fashioned thriller mold and strive for something new.

Charlie G (au) wrote: This is where Superman officially became ridiculous. He's been ridiculous in the past but this is where it's confirmed.

Anthony M (au) wrote: Hunger games is a dystopian ya novel and this is the first in the trilogy of books being the first it has to draw non-readers and readers of the source material into the world of the series.and that's a lot but it encompasses all it needs to without feeling like a drag it feels like each scene Is torn straight from the books jeniffer Lawrence is a great female actress as katness I feel like this is a prime example of how to adapt a book into a movie without boring any newcomers or old to the series

Thomas P (ca) wrote: her directorial debut, and a cinema triumph. this film is not perfect but vary enjoyable and thought provoking.

Donna L (jp) wrote: For Pablo Escobar, family is everything. When young surfer Nick falls for Escobar's niece, he finds his life on the line when he's pulled into the dangerous world of the family business. Staring Benicio Del Toro