Attack Force

Attack Force

Marshall Lawson is the commander of an elite military unit. Marshall Lawson loses his strike-team in a cold-blooded and seemingly random attack, and he takes it upon himself to investigate the attack, with the help of his girlfriend Tia and his friend Dwayne.

Marshall Lawson loses his strike-team in a cold-blooded and seemingly random attack. After this he takes it upon himself to investigate the suspicious circumstances of the brutal killings. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Attack Force torrent reviews

Jolie L (nl) wrote: Interesting and informative.

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Michael M (it) wrote: No reviews? You fuckers. The moral of this film is to not let Gary Busey out on early parole. Or else he's going to squat in a newly built house that a yuppie couple has just purchased (who call each other babe, whatever that means. Cher?). He's also going to live in your attic and made a miniature version of the house with miniature versions of you in them, as well as himself. He will also probably kill your dog. Also, this movie has a great poster. You should watch based solely off of that.

Andrew L (au) wrote: A stylish 80's thriller that is somewhat let down by it's underwhelming ending and failure to conclude in a satisfying manner.

Andrea S (ag) wrote: It is a very slow movie, it is always clear what is going to happen in the current scene but you won't expect the next one and the ending

Lynne N (br) wrote: The subject matter of this movie is extremely edgy and ahead of its time - although some of the more daring subtext is only hinted at and underplayed. Hudson is his usual beautiful and awesome self and is given excellent support from Stack, Malone and Carson. The special effects are also brilliantly delivered - in particular the moment early on in the movie when a young air race pilot dies. It's a real pity that these effects left no budget for filming in colour - as the excellent use of colour photography is usually one of Douglas Sirk's strengths - but this is probably a movie that can get away with the black and white due to it's fairly dark storyline.

Holly E (ru) wrote: Great ensemble cast of characters and actor portraying those characters. Somewhat predictable but had a lot of twists and turns that made up for it. Enjoyable flick.

Maximiliano D (jp) wrote: Just awesome. Give Andy Serkis an Oscar or something, because he makes this movie. Spectacular visual effects, brilliantly directed, and everything I hoped it would be.

Alex F (jp) wrote: Good sports flick. Enjoyed the cheesiness that the Browns made a right decision. Lol.

Phil H (jp) wrote: Well this film has a hell of a cast, these old films always seem to and its a pretty good film too. Its starts kinda slow and you get the feeling of dread that this will be really dull but after Charlie Sheen bites the dust and Dennis Hopper the hitman comes along it does start to move. Foster looks cute n sexy as the girl on the run and Pesci, Stockwell and Turturro are good as the mobsters after her blood (all led by Vincent Price as the mob chief I might add), its not too original, rather predictable (witness to mob hit goes on the run) but the cast are really good and keep you interested. Its not a serious bloody film but more of a road movie with some Humorous moments and a twist love plot too, the most important thing being you want the two leads to escape and live happily ever after :) the film draws you in.