A shy young youth gets down in love,fails and transforms into a popular dude amongst his college mates. But does the change sustain?

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Lucy W (mx) wrote: It's still basically Christmas so I need to watch every film - no matter how bad! Unfortunately this was bad, and by bad, I mean atrocious! Annoyingly cheesy, boring, way too American. Not as good as the other buddies films! Or Santa Paws 1! 2 stars is generous.

Niels S (fr) wrote: Pn og ret kedelig film. Rigtig god at falde i svn til.

Andrew L (ru) wrote: connect-the-dots drama. Easily forgettable

Asif A (jp) wrote: Nice, refreshing, a surprising-lesbo-sene... Kareena performed well besides looking beautiful in this movie.

Travis R (ca) wrote: Finally the movie were Riggs actually settles down while playing as a cop!

James M (es) wrote: I enjoyed this, but the people I watched it with didn't, it has some good performances, but is unsure what style of comedy it wants to be (i.e. farce, slapstick, etc.)

Sean C (it) wrote: A movie made in the Sixties that only remains relevant to that period. It means fuck all now. Some nifty camera work doesn't disguise the fact that the plot is nonsensical, the lead Monica Vitti can't act for toffee and at nearly two hours it overstays it's welcome big time. It's not even camp enough to be fun. This wasn't so much as directed as left to wander aimlessly. Frustrating and tedious.

Bill T (br) wrote: Overlong and frankly, quite dull telling of a guy named Barabbas who is a condemned prisoner, but gets a lucky reprieve when, on the eve of the execution, the lawmakers agree to set him free and have another guy executed instead. That other guy? Jesus Christ! Sure that sounds interesting, right? I agree, and that really should be the whole framework of the whole movie. But instead, we get all of that in the first 15 minutes, and then we have Quinn wandering around the Roman countryside for the next two hours. He gets arrested again, works in a mine, which collapses, then sent to work in a field, and then finally gets chosen, yes, to be a gladiator. It's not all that interesting, more backstory could have helped, and the crucification should have been the ending. Instead, it just meanders.

Jacob F (de) wrote: Rouch's first total experiment in ethno-fiction. It feels a bit long, and at times the improvisational plot seems to be influenced by American Youth pictures, but there's some arresting poetic moments.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Dame Margaret Rutherford at her very best--A refreshing and humorous movie!!

Quincy T (ca) wrote: Pretty high production for less than stellar excursion. For a medieval fantasy flick, Northmen does look the part. It has fine cinematography and quite gory battle as the characters literally spend bulk of the movie running and fighting in nice vistas. They, however, lack the appeal or novelty to set up a grand tale it's meant to be, making the tour into foreign land a loud yet bland one. Story revolves around a group of Vikings, or Northmen, as they journey through unfamiliar territory. The group has internal strife and ambition for riches, but none of their story is fully fleshed out. The motives or back stories, even for the antagonist role, are often glossed over. Furthermore, the movie introduces many typical characters such lost princess and the enigmatic priest, each with their own equally monotonous issue.With stack of characters, it's unfortunate that none of them is actually interesting. The actors work with passable acting, but the script is basically told while they are in constant running. It buries the story as they roar and slash their way through. When the supposed dramatic scenes play out, chances are audience wouldn't be invested on these characters. It does possess good visual, camera work and design. There are set pieces that offer decent skirmish, both in daylight or night time. Credit when credit is due, most movies with fantasy theme often become blurry as the fight continues after dawn, but Northmen gives good graphic and lighting even in these instances. Action is presentable as well, bit crude at times, but fits the theme nonetheless.As an action movie, it benefits from above average presentation, however the story doesn't venture beyond the realm of mediocrity.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: This just got real personal.A group of professional con artists and thieves get back together after one of their closest friends returns home from jail. There is a bit of a wall between the new guy and the gang, but they try their best to execute the mission; unfortunately, there are two determined detectives hard on their tracks."We'll have vodka and take care of business."John Luessenhop, director of Lockdown, Texas Chainsaw 3D, and the upcoming Flying Tigers TV Series, delivers Takers. The storyline for this picture is very straightforward and fairly ordinary. The action sequences were pretty good and the acting wasn't bad. The cast includes TI, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Matt Dillon, Hayden Christensen, Chris Brown, and Michael Ealy."Love the place. The alarm system sucks though."I randomly DVR'd this off Cinemax recently. I had never watched this movie before but it was as I expected...pretty ordinary. There was some cool lines and some worthwhile action scenes, but the overall plot and conclusion was predictable. Overall, this is worth seeing once, especially if you're an action movie junky. "If anything happens tomorrow, we still can't let him walk away."Grade: C

Trey B (fr) wrote: Before We Go is a good directorial debut for Chris Evans, who also shines in the lead role.