Attila Marcel

Attila Marcel

Paul is a sweet man-child, raised — and smothered — by his two eccentric aunts in Paris since the death of his parents when he was a toddler. Now thirty-three, he still does not speak. (He does express himself through colourful suits that would challenge any Wes Anderson character in nerd chic.) Paul's aunts have only one dream for him: to win piano competitions. Although Paul practices dutifully, he remains unfulfilled until he submits to the interventions of his upstairs neighbour. Suitably named after the novelist, Madame Proust offers Paul a concoction that unlocks repressed memories from his childhood and awakens the most delightful of fantasies.

Paul is a sweet man-child, raised - and smothered - by his two eccentric aunts in Paris since the death of his parents when he was a toddler. Now thirty-three, he still does not speak. (He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn W (gb) wrote: Mandroid had no choice in being made into a half man, half machine. Now with the help of a scientist, ninja, and mercenary, he must stop his creator from using his time machine to rule ancient Rome. Decent but Charles Band has done better work.

Effing B (nl) wrote: This is arguably the most ridiculous movie ever made. I rented it with the other "Alien vs" movies, thinking it was part of that set. No such luck. Due to the lack of actual plot in this movie, I'm going to spend a little time on what the movie *could* have been. If they wanted to make a movie called "Alien Vs Hunter" that would have been interesting, they should have used the 1984 TV series "Hunter", played by Fred Dryer. That guy was cool. Film him shooting it up with some ridiculous alien, plus a few topless scenes from Hunter's sidekick, Dee Dee McCall (who didn't have a crush on Stephanie Kramer?), and you'd have a movie I'd pay to see. Even better: one of the lead characters is William Katt, who many in my age group will remember as the lead in "Greatest American Hero". I suggest a movie called "Greatest American Hero Vs Hunter", giving some work to two actors from whom we haven't seen much lately.This movie gets half a star because:1. Consideration that the movie was shot on a shoestring budget in about 2 weeks' time. This was a grudging positive.2. The cheese factor had a couple of moments. There were some continuity errors, and the aliens had no resemblance to what you see on the cover. I laughed pretty hard when I saw the alien hunter's (who is also apparently an alien) helmet. Upon closer inspection, it was an old-timey diving helmet. You know, one of the big spherical ones with the portholes in front and on either side? Points for using what you could find in your great-grandpa's garage, I suppose.3. No nudity. Big shock.If you are a super fan of indie sci-fi, you will probably still not like this movie, but if you're in that one-tenth of one percent of indie sci-fi fans who have a superhuman penchant for the ludicrous, you might like this movie. Also, if you like looking at stupid stuff idiots do when they think no one else is looking, you'll probably like this movie.

Mari H (ag) wrote: Fascinating look at the audition process.

Sanford R (au) wrote: Its a decent movie to watch, but nothing too special

Eric H (jp) wrote: Some of the reviews said this was depressing and not a comedy. To me this was a very sophisticated comedy. It wasn't trying to be funny, it just was. The real issue here was how people spend their time when they have no clue how to make a sound decision, have nothing meaningful to bring to a moreation, as well as have no clear purpose yet established in life. I found myself laughing outloud a few times during this movie because it took a real drama situation we can all relate to, and it played out to an audience who by now knew better than to make the same mistakes.

Jairo A (fr) wrote: First off, I'm a huge Married With Children fan and so, I love the Al Bundy character. Dutch meets this punk/spoiled kid who disrespects his friends & family and he has to bring him home for Thanksgiving. They hate each other and through all the things that happen along their trip, they end up respecting and liking each other. In the end, Dutch is the dad figure this little punk needed. The acting was good and Dutch is very Al Bundyish and I loved it! Check out this 90s movie if you haven't seen it yet. I would rate it 7/10 OR 3.5/5

Muffin M (kr) wrote: Homicide detective Danny O'Brien (Norris) is known simply as "Hero" for having brought down L.A.'s most vicious serial killer: Simon Moon (Jack O'Halloran), a.k.a. "The Terror." But for years, O'Brien has secretly been haunted by the fact that his capture of Moon was a fluke. When The Terror escapes from jail and returns to his old killing ways, O'Brien finally gets the chance to earn his glorified reputation...if his monstrous enemy doesn't destroy him first! also stars Brynn Thayer, Steve James, Jeffrey Kramer, Ron O'Neal, Murphy Dunne, Dan Barrows and Tony Di Benedetto. directed by William Tannen.

lisa s (ca) wrote: the cure for growing old

Jonathon N (mx) wrote: perhaps superceded by newer films, but this freaked me - the [spoiler alert] framing of the innocent man.

Phil F (es) wrote: Raquel Welch's first movie and Mae West's last. Surprise cameo's from Jim Bauccus and Tom Selleck. An excrementally bad movie, but a time capsule of the best and worst of the 70's.

Jonathan P (de) wrote: Not terrible but not anything to write home about. The eagle special effects were a bit lame but the ambiance was good. Not really anything wrong just a rather slow and boring storyline.

Mitchell Z (ru) wrote: Die Another Day starts off strong but then suffers from over the top action scenes and spotty CGI. Prosnan once again does a fine job carrying the load, but director Lee Tamahori just didn't have what it takes to provide a true Bond film.

Charles S (nl) wrote: By no means a masterpiece, I Still Know is an obvious cash cow but despite its flawed acting, script, and overblown tone, it remains a satisfying guilty pleasure for lovers of bad horror sequels.

Jess L (jp) wrote: Really, really, really, really, REALLY bad.