Atún y chocolate

Atún y chocolate


Tres pescadores barbateños, Manuel (Pablo Carbonell), un hombre bueno al que apodan "Nadando con Chocos"; el Perra (Pedro Reyes), su amigo fiel, y El Cherif (Antonio Dechent), un paria iracundo y orgulloso, intentan sobrevivir como pueden a pesar de la crisis pesquera que vive la costa gaditana.Un día Manolín (Andrés Rivera), el hijo de Manuel, llega a casa con un problema más: quiere hacer la comunión. Algo que provocará más de una sorpresa. Primero porque no está bautizado y segundo porque sus padres ni siquiera están casados. Contagiados por la ilusión de su hijo, María y Manuel deciden ordenar su vida y casarse. María lo organiza todo: arregla con el singular cura del pueblo (Paco Vegara) para que oficie la ceremonia, busca los trajes, invita a los vecinos... Pero claro, no hay boda sin convite. Y eso cuesta dinero. ¿Cómo conseguirlo? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William v (br) wrote: Not sure why it got such ad reviews ... I enjoyed this! Better than avarage!

Sameer V (ru) wrote: Bo-ring!!! Nothing new from Bhandarkar that we haven't seen in umpteen movies before.

Bob W (jp) wrote: Hard to understand, both the language (garbled) and storyline.

Petteri T (de) wrote: My all time favorite movie

Carlos R (ca) wrote: Bad film... Meg Ryan is always beautiful but this film is horrible.

Cam E (ru) wrote: Sequel to Dennis The Menace is terrible and very cheap. One of the worst low budget movies I have seen. There was about 2 or 3 scenes that were funny in this film. The first film wasn't that good and it was pretty poorly made but it is funnier than this even more poorly done thing. Walter Matthau should have been in this film as it probably would have saved this film from been a disaster just like the first one. But instead they have to put Don Rickles as Mr Wilson and his acting is worse than Mason Gambles. I think he does better as the voice of Mr Potato Head if I'm honest. At Least Justin Cooper plays Dennis in this film his acting is good and back in this film he was only young. Watch this film if you want to have a nap because I was almost bored to sleep.

Connor G (it) wrote: Fine, but not particularly memorable.

Tsukasa A (br) wrote: It's boring. I don't want to watch it again.

Pedro Matias C (de) wrote: Los 90s tienen un monton de estas especie de Road Movie, con parejas de adolecentes profugos al mejor estilo Dorian Gray, bien pese a no ser una maravilla esta pequenia pelicula destaca entre ellas, principalmente por ser de los mas fieles exponentes de esa etapa del genero, mas alla de que sea una pelicula que hoy Atrasa.

Merry J (gb) wrote: Good movie! Well, anything with Denzel in it is good!

Tatsuhito K (au) wrote: De Niro and Crystal do what they are expected to do, but Analyze This suffers from its tonal inconsistency.

Adam F (nl) wrote: Gothika is a horror thriller with a good premise but the execution is lackluster and it makes for a very convoluted mystery. The story follows Dr. Miranda Grey, a psychiatrist working at a correctional facility that one day finds herself on the other side of the observation room and has to figure out exactly what happened in order to clear her name. Once she starts piecing things together she realizes that there's a lot more going on than she could have ever guessed. There's murder, suspected corruption at the facility she works at, conspiracies, ghosts, possessions and several enigmas that need to be solved in order to figure out what exactly happened the night before Miranda was arrested and committed.Because the movie deals with a lot of detective work and revelations, it's hard to give examples of exactly what goes wrong without spoiling the mysteries but there are some obvious plot points that are clumsily handled. For example, once committed in a mental asylum and accused of murder, it would be pretty difficult for someone to conduct an investigation. That means our main character Miranda has to escape her cell numerous times in order to put together some evidence. It becomes really hard to believe that she would be able to go get out of her cell without being detected so many times in what appears to be a modern psychiatric hospital. There are security guards and cameras but none of the staff are observing the monitors apparently because if they were they would be able to see that there is something supernatural going on and that there are some really questionable things going on at this facility.The film also feels like it's really jumping through hoops to give us some spooky revelations. There is a scene for example where Miranda is attacked by what can only be described as a ghost. Ok, the attack happens in a crowded room where there were a lot of things going on so it's possible no one saw what really happened and even if they did, most of the testimonies would have come from mental patients and no one would have believed them. The thing is, the ghost carves a message on our protagonist's arm and the doctor who patches her up doesn't even mention this to the specialist that's evaluating Miranda's mental condition. Don't you think that this message would be something important to mention? After the incident, she's placed in an isolation cell: a room with a bed, some wooden shelves but no sink or toilet. Now you don't have to be a medical professional to see what's wrong with this picture... what happens if she needs to go to the bathroom? If she were such a danger to herself, why wouldn't she be placed in a padded cell? Why would you place her in a room where she could easily break some planks of wood and use the pieces to harm herself or others?As the movie moves along you keep asking yourself questions about how certain plot elements make sense and why characters are acting the way they do. At the very end of the movie there is a climax that's really ridiculous and falls apart completely under even a little bit of scrutiny. You're forced to believe that either no one has been able to identify a criminal despite damning evidence, that the police do not interrogate victims or that the FBI really takes its time with this high profile murder investigations. Even the ghosts act in really questionable ways. The assumption is that the spirit that is haunting Miranda has come back from the grave to finally get some rest by solving the mystery of her death. Her goal is to help the living piece together what is going on but when you think about it, she's really going about the wrong way. Always appearing at the most inconvenient times for Miranda and constantly freaking her out instead of pointing her in the right direction. The script is also poorly written, with a lot of bad dialogue including the memorable line "Logic is overrated".Really though, "Gothika" is more of a disappointment than a really bad movie. The premise is good and the mystery is interesting to watch unfold. There are some genuinely creepy moments, a couple of good scares and the special effects are well done too. The story feels sloppily put together though; like the first draft of the film is what they decided to go with instead of making it go through a couple of rounds of tightening and polishing. For all of the potential and things that work with "Gothika" in the end it just ends up being a mediocre movie with too many problems to really recommend. (Dvd, April 5, 2013)

Charlie G (ca) wrote: Very good. Funny and a lot of action. I would watch this one again.And again

Courtney C (mx) wrote: Ah, back when Leo was a good actor (hey, back off, he's not all that)

Douglas M (ca) wrote: Every so often a teen oriented film comes on the scene. While the typical teen flick is a series of sexual romps, drugs and popular music Saved tries to focus a satirical eye on the growing movement in America, the Christian right. Even though 'Saved' avoids these staples there are a few remnants there. The film centers on the most brutal aspects in high school; the clique. These group associations that determine your social position for four years and frequently far beyond graduation. There have been many movies that have undertaken to address this often painful influence on the rite of passage that is high school. While some films have concentrated of that despotic queen bee of the alpha clique this film adds another dimension to the mixture; evangelical, right wing Christians. While fundamentally identical to the type of clique leader seen in movies like 'Mean Girls', here they justify their obnoxious and condescending behavior with their interpretation of their faith. By instilling the center plot with a religious foundation the filmmaker was able to address such ancillary themes as homophobia, antisemitism and discrimination against the physically challenged. This is quite ambitious for a teen comedy but ultimately it succeeds amazingly well.In the 'American Eagle Christian High School' the leader of the pack is Hilary Faye (Mandy Moore), a devoted young woman who expresses her faith in song with her singing group the Christian Jewels. She filters everything in life through her faith, not necessarily a bad thing but as with anything aspect of life without balance, can lead to a lack of control. One member of the in Christian crowd, Mary (Jenna Malone) soon finds a real test of her faith when her boyfriend Dean (Chad Faust) announces that he is gay. Mary has a bump to the head induced "vision" that Jesus wants her to sacrifice her precious virginity in order to affect the "degayification" of the now doomed Dean. Of course, Mary is certain that Jesus will take into account her noble purpose and restore her to a chase and pristine state. Unfortunately, Mary is soon looking down at the dreaded blue strip on a home pregnancy test. While Dean is shipped off to a reorientation center Mary is now ostracized by her former best friends. Meanwhile, the one Jewish girl around, Cassandra (Eva Amurri) forms a friendship with Hilary's wheelchair bound and cynical brother Roland (Macaulay Culkin). There are enough inter-relationships here for several films. When Hilary turns against Mary as a result of her changed biological status one of the truly memorable moments of the film occurs, during a heated argument Hillary tosses a Bible at Mary's back while shouting "I'm full of the love of Christ". This instant crystalized Hilary's hypocrisy in such an efficient and concise manner that it impact is unforgettable.Usually, for a satire to work it has to be tightly focused. Here, however, there is a bit too much of a crowd on the scene. The many ancillary characters tend to obfuscate the plot. The film tries to be a combination of Mean Girls and the Breakfast Club but ultimately ends up just a bit too over the top. The focus here is venom over humor. While the film is an important work for what it is attempting to do it could have been tighter in structure and achieved more than it musters here. Any group that embraces extremes is subject to satirical treatment but that parody should be without malice and done in a good nature format in order to garner a wider audience. Here the girls are so extreme that the subtler points are often lost. The extremism also leaves the audience without a point of reference required to identify on an emotional level with the characters. Despite the flaws I still found this to be an enjoyable film, carried to a large part by the enthusiasm of a talented cast.I have been a fan of young Jenna Malone for most of her career. With films like 'Donnie Darko', 'Bastard out of Carolina', 'Cheaters' and most recently a featured role in one of the most successful franchises to come from young adventure literature,' The Hunger Games', it is obvious that she is continuing to successfully expand the range of her acting abilities. The intensity she has exhibited in other performances was subdued in this role as a result of how her character was written. In several scenes Ms. Malone was overwhelmed by others in the cast. Of course this is a perfect way of presenting her character, Mary, she has been inundated with a number of serious situations that are beyond her experience therefore leaving her ill equipped to process how to proceed. It also serves to create an ideal contrast with the intensity of self-importance that is the embodiment ofMandy Moore is in the midst of a rare thing, a pop singer that is growing as an actress. Initially she took on more sympathetic, softer roles but here she rips into the zealous venom of Hilary. She has a natural comic timing and to her credit is willing to take on darker roles like this. Macaulay Culkin is, of course, best known for Home Alone. He also is taking on roles like this that showcase a broader acting ability helping him to make a comeback at his young age and show he has lasting power in film. A special nod of appreciation to the fine actress Heather Matarazzo, I first noticed her in the definitively unconventional teen flick 'Welcome to the Dollhouse'. Here Ms., Matarazzo plays the classic high school geek to perfection. Her experience in independent movies has given her the experience to infuse what is typically a one-dimensional archetype with nuances that makes her charter interesting and capable of contributing to the overall success of the story. Overall the cast creates an ensemble that manifests a synergetic chemistry. This is a film that is carried by the cast and it is their performances that provide the audience with a deliciously dark comedy with a sharp satiric edge that slices into some of the most highly debated issues currently dominating the sociopolitical scene.This is the freshman feature for writer/director Brian Dannelly. While most of the flaws of the film are in presentation I have to admit he has an eye for pacing a flick. The movie has a natural, organic flow that sweeps the audience along for the ride. Although the many sub plots often cloud the message the film is above others of the genre. The individual scenes are well composed and expertly lit. The message of intolerance is not lost here. After all Jesus did reach out for the misfits first. It appears that Dannelly had so many ideas to bring this point out that he just tried to fit it all in one film. It might have been a bit better off if he created his own little universe here, like the one manufactured in early Kevin Smith films, and make a few films out of the subject matter. This release is part of an incentive undertaken by Olive Films to remaster fan favorites in high definition. There is a substantial improvement in the color palate and contrast which provides a far more robust viewing experience. It is now possible to note gradations in the lighting and use of camera angles and how they reinforce the overall feel and emotional impact of the narrative.