A cult stage play from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, which involves the professor and the gallery of grotesque candidates devoid of any talent who applied for entrance exams.

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Audicija torrent reviews

Chris S (mx) wrote: I'm not a huge fan of the found footage style, but this one was at least unique and had a creepy vibe.

Eliabeth H (ag) wrote: Idk, I feel a little weird about the whole white savior thing.

Scott C (fr) wrote: Really dark, really pulpy, and surprisingly good! The filmmakers took a lot of chances with this one!

Christiana C (it) wrote: Horribly boring movie. Made no sense what-so-ever. If you want to see a GOOD , fun movie with Zach Galifianakis, see Due Date or The Hangover...don't waste your time on this. While others may say that "smart" people get it, fine; let smart people spend their time watching it.

Liesa W (br) wrote: If you're a fan of foreign wartime Nazi movies, I recommend this one. It's got that kind of tension that keeps you gripped all the way through and has a good twist at the end. (Subtitled).

Kurt C (es) wrote: Deliciously stupid haha.

Atis A (ca) wrote: This movie has monkeys. Monkeys playing hockey. Monkeys + hockey = fun !

Karl Edgar T (gb) wrote: when you can't give less than 5/5

Samantha S (au) wrote: typical kid animal movie

Kelly W (us) wrote: The movie wasn't really terrible, but by no means good. It was seldom funny, although both Rob Morrow and Johnny Depp were quite good. Not worth watching - the only reason I did was to see Depp.

Jamie R (us) wrote: Such a fun movie for all ages. I will forever laugh at the kitchen scene where Jerry Lewis pantomimes a one-man band.

Richard W (ru) wrote: This oddball, independent German-American film is listed as being a comedy. But it premiered at The Sundance Film Festival, so you know there's not many, if any, places where you're going to laugh. But it is an interesting portrayal of man dealing with his various levels of sanity. For an added bonus, watch it together with your shrink.