Audie & the Wolf

Audie & the Wolf

When the moon is full, a friendly WOLF turns into a savage, bloodthirsty MAN and goes on a kill spree in a starlet's Hollywood mansion.

When the moon is full, a friendly wolf turns into a savage, bloodthirsty man and goes on a killing spree in a starlet's Hollywood mansion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris D (au) wrote: Slightly better than the norm thanks to Scott Adkins but seriously, after watching five JVCD films this year I've come to realize that if you've watched one, you've watched them all...why do I bother anymore?

Greg W (es) wrote: a reel smokin good time to b had by all

Robert W (us) wrote: blah !! blah!! this movie will have you reaching for the off button Guaranteed

Greg R (jp) wrote: I really enjoy the first three Herbie movies. Herbie Goes Bananas, I didn't really like. My thoughts on Herbie Fully Loaded are kind of mixed. I'd say it's a decent kids movie, but I think there are elements that probably make it seem like a movie for "kind of" older audiences, but I don't know how interested those people would be in this movie. I'm glad to see Herbie again, but I don't know how this film would hold up with those who unlike me didn't grow up with the Love Bug movies.

Jey A (ag) wrote: I'd go for the blue one...

Leiny T (de) wrote: Can't believe this came out in Oz this year lol

Luc L (ag) wrote: Ordinary and typical.

Mark V (nl) wrote: If ever theres a love story, worth remembering , this , is it . First, I have adored Jodie Foster since the early 1970's . Any movie She's in , is always a hit . This one, is no different . Actually, this one almost surpasses a lot of her previous movies . If you envy emotion , then you should watch this movie . I don't want to say much, because , this is one of those movies, you watch alone, or with someone you love . Either way, you'll be thinking , of where your life is going, and where you'd like it to be . Who you'd like to be in it, with you . Before it's too late . Mark

David J (br) wrote: Although cheesy, absurd, predictable, emotionally-manipulative, and completely lacking the grit of it's predecessor, "Rocky II" is still a gripping sports drama with a surprising amount of depth.

Kevin P (fr) wrote: Great, funny, true story!!

Bavner D (mx) wrote: "PSYCHO" tidak hanya berhasil memberikan suatu nuansa yang berbeda, mencekam dan menegangkan, tetapi juga membuktikan untuk kesekian kalinya bahwa sebuah kisah misteri yang penuh dengan teror dapat menjadi sebuah film klasik horror yang melegenda.

Calvin C (ag) wrote: Sally Field is great in this. A well-deserved Oscar.Grade: B+