August Club

August Club

In the backdrop of a receding summer, with the aid of some brilliant chess moves, the life of a woman and the different men in her lives take centre stage. The film's screenplay is written by noted author and filmmaker P. Padmarajan's son Anantha Padmanabhan and is based on his own novelette titled Venalinte Kalaneekkangal.

In the backdrop of a receding summer, with the aid of some brilliant chess moves, the life of a woman and the different men in her lives take centre stage. The film's screenplay is written by noted author and filmmaker P. Padmarajan's son Anantha Padmanabhan and is based on his own novelette titled Venalinte Kalaneekkangal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Umesh N (fr) wrote: With relative unknowns in the cast and a new narration style to boot this film takes you totally by surprise with its realistic take on the present times. Attempts like this in Bollywood need to be thoroughly appreciated.

Manuel G (de) wrote: This movie is absolutely filled with lies. So much so that as a medical student I felt the need to find it online and say so. Please don't believe anything it says and search the actual science of nutrition. For one doctors are able to treat leukemias (AML), acne, pellagra, and countless diseases of metabolism WITH VITAMINS, what kind of show says "doctors don't believe in vitamins"!?!?

Wirkola F (kr) wrote: Tan ridcula que es genial con lo que ofrece.

MariePier D (mx) wrote: I love it for all those teen idols that appears everywhere, without any point !Je l'aim pour toutes ces idoles d'ados qui apparaissaient sans arrt et sans but!

Denise P (br) wrote: A chilling teen drama made even more disturbing by its basis of a true story, Bully uses disquieting violence, a ghetto feel, tense direction and quite possibly more than anything else, an abundance of shots featuring the cast's naked bodies to deliver a slightly uneven but nevertheless terrifying glimpse into the inner world of teenage rebellion.

Bailey A (ag) wrote: A well known comedy, "Tommy Boy" divulges every quality of a feel-good movie. Although the plot isn't as predictable as it may seem, the film evokes a meaningful message that enables the viewer to more deeply commiserate with the characters alongside their stellar efforts of acting. If you're looking for a comedy to make you fall off the chair, then you are in the right place. In almost every comedy film there is an over- the- top character who over exaggerates "normal" societal expectations. In this film, this character happens to be Tommy (played by actor and well known comedian, Chris Farley), who we first meet as a young boy. Farley does a remarkable job fulfilling the role of "Tommy" by going over the top to sell his character. When Tommy's life takes an unexpected turn for the worse, the pressure is on Tommy to save his father's auto part business, leaving both him and his "long-time friend," Richard (otherwise known as David Spade), to go on a road trip. Spade expresses the role of Richard as a boring, grumpy businessman who isn't satisfied with himself or his job. The acting is something remarkable in itself. The movie is unmistakably hilarious, with the exception of softer moments that tie in nicely to the overall film. Tommy's father, otherwise known as "Big Tom" (Brian Dennehy) announces that he is getting re-married, which is hard for Tommy because of his mother's passing when he was young. Still, he overlooks his father's act of moving on because all Tommy wants is for his father to be happy. When his father dies, respect is gained for Tommy as an acute desire is ignited to save his father's business. Yes, this film isn't one of sadness, but at the same time a message of confidence, self love, and love for others is learned, making the film a lighthearted masterpiece. "Tommy Boy" is the classic portrayal of a comedy, and should be watched by all who enjoy a good laugh and a phenomenal movie. The acting is exceptional, especially by the one of the world's greatest comedians, Chris Farley, while the story line is structured in an ensuing style to keep you constantly on the edge of your chair. It is one of the greatest, most heartfelt comedies of all time and I highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone.

Bobby H (mx) wrote: A fantastic comedy that somehow manages to be black humoured and warm hearted at the same time.Michael J.Fox and Kirk Douglas head a great ensemble cast.Fox is as watchable as ever in a mildly disreputable role,and Douglas' mischievous antics keep the surprises coming,right up until the final sly twist. An underrated gem.

Stuart K (fr) wrote: Written and directed by twin brothers Allen and Albert Hughes, (Dead Presidents (1995) and From Hell (2001)), this is an extremely gritty gang film set in the slums of South Central Los Angeles. It's quite shocking and harrowing to watch in places. The Hughes brothers have a lot of confidence to tackle this for their debut film, and they actually make it a compelling yet difficult film to watch. It follows the life of Caine Lawson (Tyrin Turner), who has always been a witness to violence ever since he was a young boy, when he was 10, he witnessed his father Tat (Samuel L. Jackson) shoot a drug dealer in their own house. Flash forwards, and he now lives with his grandparents (Arnold Johnson and Marilyn Coleman), and he ends up being wounded and his cousin Harold (Saafir) is killed in a drive-by shooting. Caine's friend Kevin "O-Dog" Anderson (Larenz Tate) helps him find the men who killed Harold, and Caine becomes a hustler, but it alienates him from his family and love interest Ronnie (Jada Pinkett), who wants to move to Atlanta, leaving Caine to make a decision. It was made for peanuts, but it's unflinching and shocking depiction of gangster life in the ghetto made it a hit with audiences and critics when it opened, and it put the Hughes Brothers on the map as a talent to watch out for. While most of it may be cliched, it is very violent and not an easy film to watch.

Logan M (au) wrote: It becomes very well developed, but overall, it's kind of a boring mystery and drama.

alan j (mx) wrote: One of the funniest movies ever made..a few scenes I never laughed so hard...dont miss this one!!!!!!!!!

Erin R (ca) wrote: This movie is fantastic. I have watched it millions of times and it always makes me laugh. This movie is a classic and a must see!

Brian W (ag) wrote: one of the best thriller movies ever.

SV G (es) wrote: Lots of Ziegfield razzamataz - original acts and a calvalcade of stars - James Stewar, Judy Garland and Hedy Lamar lead the way in this charming story of the lives of just a few of Ziegfield's girls. Lovely old songs and dance numbers.

Geoffrey G (au) wrote: Lackluster. Follows the typical movie blueprint like a step by step checklist.

Petteri T (ru) wrote: My all time favorite movie