August Days

August Days

Confused after months of work searching for material to write about a time in history that a journalist had often spoken about, Marc calls his brother David and they set off on a short vacation. But Marc cannot switch off and David takes him further south, to a place where they have heard people come to from far a field in pursuit of a fish with cat-like whiskers. Without realizing, the two brothers travel into unknown countryside where many ups and downs befell their grandfather, and come across a series of drifting characters that submerge them in a lost paradise.

Twin brothers traveling the Catalan countryside encounter a reservoir of unique beauty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim F (es) wrote: Whole movie starring a welsh Tom Hardy set entirely inside his car driving down the M1. He's a bit like me i think, trying to 'do the right thing'. Glad to know i'm not the only person that argues with himself while driving. But i don't hog the fast lane like he was doing way too often.

Lance C (it) wrote: Well directed, shot, and edited. The script tried to hit a dozen themes and so it never really hit any of them very well, but Jasen Wade's awesome performance and the great production values pulled it out from mediocrity.

Alex S (us) wrote: Tarzan has become a relative Disney standard and justifiably so. With fun animation, entertaining characters, a memorable soundtrack, and some of the company's most daring action sequences Tarzan endures the test of time to remain a classic movie to revisit.

Sheryl O (jp) wrote: I based a 10 day trip in Iceland on this movie.

Brendan N (jp) wrote: some funny moments but doesn't have the heart the first team up had, funny at times but definitely a step down compared to support your local sherriff.

David S (fr) wrote: awsome film as good as inside out

Justin A (fr) wrote: The first time I saw this over ten years ago I didn't like it at all. After watching the Director's Cut recently, I have more mixed emotions about the film, but still don't care for it. The makeup is amazing and the monsters are great, but it just didn't work as a movie for me. I could see it being a much better book, as there seemed to be lots of characters with unexplored depth to them and intertwining stories, but it isn't presented very well and instead we just get a glossed over version of Clive Barker's story that is actually pretty generic (even if visually it can be nightmarishly creative).The prejudice, homosexual overtones and message were also a bit thick for my taste. I don't mind a movie with a message, but when it is this blunt it can be very off-putting. It made everything so melodramatic and since we're dealing with monsters it can come across as goofy and insensitive at times (even when I know that wasn't Clive Barker's intent).I don't think people that disliked the movie before will like it any more after seeing the more fleshed out (and better paced) director's cut. It's still the same movie, only a more tightly put together movie. It wasn't for me, but I'm sure it is for others. At the very least you won't feel cheated just by seeing all the awesome makeup effects.And those expecting a horror movie should probably be wary too. This is more fantasy, and if not for some violent, Clive Barker-esque scenes peppered throughout it could be mistaken as a PG-13 Tim Burton movie (the Danny Elfman score doesn't help) or an 80s fantasy movie like Return to Oz or Labyrinth. So watchers beware, this isn't really a horror movie under the skin.

Gary P (it) wrote: Phenomenal film - forget the haters - Jesus said if they hate me, they will hate you

Sanity Assassin (jp) wrote: a bit of a peckinpah failiure if you ask me. tons of great actors to utilise yet wasted in a film where the romance scenes were drawn out, not captivating in the slightest, and with the action sequences poorly orchestrated and filmed it's gotta be my least favourite peckinpah film