August Underground's Mordum

August Underground's Mordum

Two deranged friends bring along another guy to go on a random murder rampage. They kidnapped lesbian lovers, couples and they torture them in any way that the viewer can imagine. Your worst fears will come true in this shocking account of a killing spree.

Two friends bring along a newcomer to go on a killing spree. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AJ G (us) wrote: Cool action animation film to watch almost everyday

Alexson P (nl) wrote: Film #340 Mayakkam Enna (2011) It's a very good tamil film. Definitely one of my top 10 favorites of this year. Compared to the majority of movies that come out from kollywood, this is a different film. It's essentially an art film...and a helluva good one it is. I first watched this with a whole different set of expectations but after watching this film, I realized that director Selvaraghavan is quite an intelligent director. I mean his last film made me hate him a lot and I lost a lot of hope in him, but he proved to me that he's still got the freshness that he had with his film "Pudhupettai" which is easily one of my favourite tamil films of all time. What makes this film so good is that it actually has some social commentaries, metaphors, brilliant acting, great cinematography,etc which is rare to find in a tamil film. The first half of this film is a light hearted romance story that deals with betrayal, friendships, emerging adults, etc. All the actors are great in this but Richa Gangopadhyay and Danush were just brilliant as both play some very complex characters. This is one of the rare tamil films where I actually felt a genuine connection with the characters. The story is quite good in the first half. It's the second half where the film begins to lose it's momentum. The second half is filled with some tamil cliches and get's rather melodramatic. I would've enjoyed it more if the film didn't have the main character getting into a deadly accident that destoys his life overall. The first half of the film is very centered towards the male main character while the second half is more focused on the female main character as she has to go through a lot of troubles with her mentally damaged husband. The second half of the film is quite dark and very depressing. A bit TOO depressing to the point where the film feels like it's taking forever to end. Then it does with a rather cliched and predictable ending. None the less, the film does go very indepth in the relationships of these characters and making you feel horrible to watch them go through this pain. The music really brings up the emotions. There are a lot of small social commentaries like in one scene, the female lead tells a friend who tried to get on her while her husband is running around crazy on the road, about how we live in a world where feminists fight for woman rights and all but at the end of the day, females have to force themselves to be like men as we live in a sick and twisted world where if a woman shows a weakness she will be pounded immensely. I could go on and on with reasons of why this film is so good but I will end off with saying that if it wasn't for the weaker second half, the film could have been another masterpiece from this director. It's definitely not a film that many will understand straight up and demands a second viewing. 7.4/10 -Alexson Philipiah

Jeff H (au) wrote: RVD is referred to specifically as a "trained killer" (because of his Navy Seal experience) about three times in this movie. That is among the many things that are laughably bad about it. The acting, direction, and script all leave something to be desired. Didn't hate it because I took it all with a grain of salt (and I'm an avid wrestling fan), but no one looks good coming out of this stinker. It had about three good moments that were (I think) intentionally funny, but I don't even remember the first. So there you go.

Martin A (ca) wrote: Lite st film nd...

Bill C (gb) wrote: A well crafted tale with BBC level production value. The end effect is to show how pervasive persistent and wide stretching the conflict between Christians and Moslems is still today. The movie centers around 4 main characters. A Eastern Orthodox monk who has taken a vow of silence. A young Girl he falls in love. His Female cousin who is a photographer and her lover (Rade Serbedzia) most memorable as a bad guy from several movies including MI-2 and the Saint. A tale told in three down beat non-linear parts. I really have to stop watching foreign subtitle movies after a long day of work. Maybe it was me, but I did not feel any investment in the characters. Several of the main characters die on camera in a fairly graphic manor it adds to the plot, but I was not really into the characters anyway.

Tom H (es) wrote: 04.01.2013,31.01.2016

Sir A (us) wrote: i have special place in my heart for Kid N Play

Denise D (us) wrote: Chicago writers Tim Kazurinsky AND DENISE DECLUE!

Christopher S (ag) wrote: Ridiculous 70s eco-horror is made consistently entertaining by its fast-paced plot and over the top characters. Great fun for cult movie fans, especially if you've ever wanted to see Leslie Nielsen grapple with a grizzly bear.

Daniel K (jp) wrote: 1.5: The opening sequence, which is essentially a historical recap outlining the extreme differences between the eastern and western United States at the turn of the century, is a nice touch. This is definitely not something most Westerns include, with a voiceover even, as well as historical footage and photographs. It's a very atypical western opening, but it does manage to correctly orient us temporally and geographically, even if it is a bit abrupt and inelegant. I should have realized this didn't bode well for the films effectiveness. The lighting is awful as well, at least for the indoor scenes. It makes everything seem incredibly artificial. The supposedly evil bunch of villains seems ridiculous as well, especially when compared to the killers in films like The Wild Bunch or Once Upon a Time in the West. I believed that Henry Fonda was a vicious killer, but these guys seem to just be bad actors. The picture starts to work a bit once Wayne appears and the scene between Wayne and O'Hara certainly isn't bad either, but its merely a tantalizing taste of the on-screen fireworks exhibited in far, far, far greater films like The Quiet Man. This just seemed like a pitiful attempt to make a violent Western while still keeping things sanitized and close to or within the now defunct production code. It also tries way too hard to make things modern and hip. A big disappointment on basically every level. It is likely the worst Wayne Western I've ever seen.

Ron M (fr) wrote: Well acted and filmed and the suspense in the movie as it developed was well handled involving the viewer helping them form opinions on the handling of the case

Spencer H (au) wrote: Platoon is a very good, thrilling, and realistic movie, it shows how the Vietnam War really was in a very dark and scary way. This is probably Oliver Stone's finest work.

Stephen C (nl) wrote: Standard suspense thriller. Nothing flashy, good for mindless watchability.

Greg W (mx) wrote: steiger+lumet=awesome

Leonardo Malacay S (it) wrote: Maggie Smith es maravillosa!!! Una de esas perfectas pelculas inglesas.