On mythical Augusta Street, in San Paulo (Brazil), a journalist who seeks answers for his angst dives into the world of prostitution and neo-Shamanism rituals.

On mythical Augusta Street, in San Paulo (Brazil), a journalist who seeks answers for his angst dives into the world of prostitution and neo-Shamanism rituals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike S (gb) wrote: Would rather get colon cancer than have to sit through this movie

Kyle H (de) wrote: Very well done drama. Canet a tremendous performance.

Fran H (mx) wrote: I liked it. I liked the premise, about an alcoholic super hero. Will Smith did a great job, it was funny, Charlize looked good, Jason Bateman was spot-on with his cliched advertising guy. It wasn't deep or cerebral, it was just fun. I didn't find the plotline all that ridiculous, though it was a bit far out. Unlike most movies nowadays? I don't think so. This one was pretty level-headed in comparison. Anyway, it was well done and definitely worth a watch, IMO.

Steven S (mx) wrote: This film has a captivating story that is nearly over powered by the high contrasty comic book visuals. The visuals are impressive but can be a little exhausting for a 1 hr. 45 min. film.

Adriana R (mx) wrote: The worst movie starred by Stiller, in my opinion. I'm surprised it was directed by Danny DeVito. A waste of time.

Luke C (nl) wrote: Overall, this is a really funny and heartfelt film. Yes, the plot is far fetched, but it has a great lead (especially for a kid), has great slapstick. Joe Pecsi and Daniel Stern are also very funny in the movie. I recommend this film, definitely.

Jean Gardy D (kr) wrote: j'aimerais te voir parce que j'en sai une avec moi

Ratnakar S (fr) wrote: The opening shots of the slaves being bundled in the ship's holds, the indignities inflicted upon them, are quite harrowing. As also the courtroom scene, where the captured leader of the slave revolt, Cinque, demands "We want free". The ending courtroom scene, and the dialogues were pretty good too. Excellent performance by Djimoun Honsou as the slave revolt leader Cinque, and Antony Hopkins as John Quincy Adams who fights for their cause, and a decent turn by Matthew McConnaughey.However too many historical bloopers, an attempt to pander to Hollywood cliches( never understood why Morgan Freeman was there) takes the sheen off somewhat. Not as great as Schindlers List or Munich, still worth a watch.

Akshay N (de) wrote: Abagnale not abagnalee

Mark S (ag) wrote: An old psycho-drama/film noir with a decent cast but an absolutely ludicrous plot.

George B (es) wrote: We all have those movies we just can describe or understand. For me, its easily this movie.

Gregory M (br) wrote: There is something that always makes for a good movie when it concerns a father-son relationship. It could be society's fautls or anything but father-son relationships can be really troublesome, Someone having difficulties in accepting the other with his faults, or someone not happy with one's legacy. I don't know it's just a real thing that always makes for a compelling story. I adored this two protagonists and I envied their relationship, it was honest and true. A really sweet movie, a wonderful cast. I really did enjoy it. It was beautiful.